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This is Part 2 of my May 2016 Naptime Adventures. You can read Part 1 HERE.

Our big surprise trip (a surprise even to the kids!) was to


(the one in Cave City, KY)

The entrance was really amazing!!

The day was pretty gloomy BUT that just added to the Jurassic Park vibe! And kept us from getting too hot.

If you are wanting somewhere that has limitless photo ops, this is a great place to go! hahaha

We were posing and taking pictures every 2 seconds!

Which is why I'm probably going to have to make this little series end up having THREE parts...I have so many pictures to share with you all! hahaha

You can feel the terror.... hahaha

Will they be able to rescue Christian??

No, they will not. Poor Christian.

At least Mahri is safe....

....never mind. 
Maybe Antonio and I can save her!!!

Yeah...that didn't turn out too well for Mahri, either...

After all of the posing, it was time to head off onto the main part of the adventure...the walk through the woods. We were guaranteed to see DINOSAURS in their natural habitat.

Of course, one must NEVER visit dinosaurs without a beautiful purple's just not proper!

Oh no!!!

Such a rule-breaker! But she didn't cross the rope! haha!

The woods were really beautiful and peaceful...despite the looming danger of being eaten by giant lizards... Each dino display has a plaque that tells you what kind of dinosaur is featured and a little bit about them.

Even Gypsy had a great time!

Austin looks like he's choking Levi.... ahahaha!!

Let's hide from the T-Rex!

Grammy! She felt no need to hide! Brave Grammy!

Gypsy doesn't see to care that danger is looming around every corner! haha!

She is determined to prove that she is tall...and that the dinosaur wants to hold hands.

Aaaaand....Just in case you wondered what everyone was thinking...

Of course, then both Aussie and Levi wanted to hold the dino's hand...

Aussie tried first... But the dino was soooo tall!

Levi tried to give it a go....

But Sissy! I know I can reach! Give me one more try!


Austin was impressed!!

Dinosaur World is truly a must-visit, guys! Although none of it was animated, it was still a way cool place to visit and well worth the 5 hour trip!

Continue following our Dinosaur World advenures HERE!


nina said…
Great pics!! Looks like you could have been eaten!

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