Reshaping Straw Cowboy Hats

You can only imagine my disappointment when I opened the box containing my straw cowboy hat from Amazon...I had been excitedly waiting for it for days...when I opened the box and saw that it didn't look right.

I wish I would have take "before" pics...but it turns out that I am a very poor blogger when it comes to recording these important moments in time. But, rest assured, it needed some attention, pronto! The front brim was rippled and the sides were rolled up like cigars. No bueno.

But I read online that you can semi-easily reshape straw cowboy hats!

Because I have plans for using my much-anticipated cowboy hat here in the next few days, I jumped all over the plan to reshape it.

Problem was...I didn't really know how I wanted it to look.

I decided to Google "cowboy hats"...but that just got me a bunch of stock pictures of cowboy hats. Duh. So I Googled "women in cowboy hats"...which gave me more stock pictures of nothing but cowboy hats..some on mannequins' heads.

No, I wanted to really see it "in action" of what I wanted. don't judge me...but I decided to really dig in with Google...

I typed in "sexy cowgirl in straw cowboy hat".

Jackpot!! For the sake of not completely and totally humiliating myself by posting the image I was going for (no, she wasn't nude, thank you very much)...but I nowhere near resemble the hot girl in the picture...and I'm sure the finished product that is my reshaped hat looks nothing like her hat...but it did give me a bit more to go on for what look I was going for with my hat!

First, you need to throroughly wet down the brim of the hat to make the straw soft and pliable.

Then, once soft and wet, gently shape the hat with your hands.



As opposed to shaping with your feet?

Which you could probably do if you have extremely talented tootsies.

I don't know your foot-skills, yo. I ain't judgin' you!

(let me let you in on a secret: I really still had noooo idea what I was doing...but it was sort of working! haha)

Then I let it sit on a proper hat stand.

Or..ya know...a sanitizing wipes canister.

I know it's not perfect but I don't think it's nearly as bad as it was when I opened the box.

I actually think it looks kind-of, sort-of cute....

And once it had dried a bit, I oh-so-gently put it on my head and took a bunch of ridiculous selfies. As one does when they own a new and reshaped cowboy hat.


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