When Levi Was Sick...

Levi's napping right now...my camera is out of memory, so you're going to have to just live with this crappy laptop photo, okay? And he's mad at me. Because he's 4. And 4 is hard, people. HARD.

Dios mio! You know, we are the sickest healthy people...EVER.

Like, EVER.

...though we are just now getting "healthy" again...so maybe I can't say that we are "healthy".

We are the sickest starting-to-get-healthy people...EVER.



Okay, so if you follow me on Facebook, you know that I had my hands full last week. Levi was sick. At first, I wasn't worried. His temp was soaring up to over 104, but I took it in stride. I figured it was probably roseola striking again. Plus, my boys all get super high fevers when they are sick. (give it up for super immune systems that incinerate germs, yo!!) But this time it was different.

Usually, when they have their fevers, they are a-okay and still playing and having fun.

But he was just like a sad little lump when the fever would begin rising. I have been trying to hold back on medicating them for fevers at or under 102...but he was just so stinking miserable that I was began alternating Motrin and Tylenol every few hours, because the fever was coming back before he was allowed to have his next dose of Motrin.

A big part of why I wasn't too extremely worried was because Tylenol (generic Tylenol...or..ya know, acetaminophen) was easily able to bring it down. If it comes down pretty easily, that's a good sign.

But ::screeching tires:: let's bring it back to the beginning.

Do you know when he started to get sick?? On Sunday night, the night of his 4th birthday party!!

How awful is that?! Seriously. Last year on his birthday, Antonio had shingles....so we waited for those to clear up before having his party... And, as you long time readers know, what ended up happening is soon after his shingles cleared up, Austin came down with chickenpox.

Then, near the end of his first bout (yep, I said FIRST), Levi came down with them.


I get Levi through it all...and Austin ends up getting them A-FRIGGEN-GAIN!

But I digress...back to the fact that this poor kiddo's birthdays have been pretty sucky over the last couple of years. ::sad face::

At least he made it through most of the day...all the way until we were having cake that night. He had been playing with his birthday gifts (I'll post about the party later!)..the Minecraft Legos, to be exact. And he started saying that his neck hurt. I figured his neck was fatigued from playing all day and all the junk food they'd been eating all day (ya'll know how I feel about junk food...blah)...so I didn't pay it much attention. But then he didn't want more than a couple of bites of cake.

We ended up going to bed....and he suddenly sat up and said "Mama. I'm gonna throw up." I had just enough time to grab the designated throw up bowl (no worries..I won't use it to make you muffins if you come over and visit hahaha).

And that was how it started. His fever started in low-grade but by the next day was really raging.

I was able to put a stop to the vomiting and nausea for the most part with my anti-nausea ginger drink (I did the juiced version to get the strongest yield) and it immediately settled his belly. I am not joking when I say immediately. He stopped puking for at least 8 hours...usually longer than that. Be sure to always have ginger root on hand during flu season, guys!

His fever started to worry me by around Day 4 or so. I mean, with roseola, the fever didn't bother him, he kept playing through it...but this time he was hit hard by it. I reached out to the FB group of local like-minded mamas (that love natural remedies, like me) on their thoughts....could it be meningitis (he ended up complaining once more about a sore neck for a few minutes...I can't help it...I had a moment of sheer panic hahaha)... They had me do a couple of little "tests" to see if it may be meningitis, but they were doubtful. They were just trying to reassure a freaking-out Me. He passed the tests with flying colors, no pain, no pulling back his legs or anything. So that relieved me.

Then a mama commented and said that it sounded exactly like what her little one had. A form of adenovirus...but her pediatrician had actually sent her to the hospital, fearing it was meningitis. But it turned out just to be the adenovirus. She said that I should watch for a high fever (104+) that lasts for about 5 days, followed quickly by cold-like symptoms and diarrhea.

Well, guess what happened the very next day? Levi had a stuffy nose, coughing and diarrhea (sorry, kid...I know you're gonna read this one day. Sorry to spread this all over the webs.. hahaha). His fever dropped down to just a little over 102, but he was still miserable, so I continued giving him meds. By the NEXT day, his fever was down to 99-101. Each day his fever dropped a little lower and he got a little meaner. My boy was getting better! hahaha

And THAT, guys, is where I have been and why this blog has been kind of quiet over the last week.

I am still having some technical difficulties with getting latest The Breast Files interview done...I'm sorry!! The debut of the series was such a hit...and I am so sad that I have dropped the ball on this. But I promise, it is coming! The same with Monthly Medicinals. Still debating on the What We Read monthly series...I'm not sure ya'll liked that one. 

So, that's it...that's what's been going on with me.

What's been going on with you? Hope your kiddos are all doing well!



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