Sensory Fun! | Jelly Beadz

A couple of weeks ago, while we were in the middle of a virus cluster-f*ck free-for-all, my very good friend, Amanda, had a package sent to my little boys.

She said nothing except how much fun they were going to have.

Honestly, I forgot all about it because...virus cluster-f*ck....but when Antonio brought the package in, I immediately got giddy! Who doesn't love getting mail...especially packages?! ::big smile::

Jelly Beadz!!!

Now that my boys are better, I decided last night was the perfect time to open up the package and let the beadz soak in some water, so they would be ready for today!

The instructions were easy enough: put 1 tsp of dry JellyBeadz into a large bowl of water.

(so excited to see what happens to their beads!)

We let them sit overnight...and by morning they were ready to drain the water out...

They boys LOVE them! Thank you, Amanda!!!

They are all squishy and remind us of those beads that are in those room air fresheners. Truthfully, they probably are the same beads. Just ours were soaked in pure water. And look at that! Look at all those beads...just from ONE TEASPOON of dry beads!


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