Love Your Authentic Self

It pulls on the back of my subconscious when I hear younger people talk about how they can't wait to get older.
Things will be better then, easier.
Life will have worked itself out.
This bothers me is always evolving.
As humans, we are constantly growing--or should be! In a relationship, sometimes we grow together, sometimes we grow apart. But things rarely stay the same, consistent.
You need to understand me, my loves.

Are you listening?

You will grow. You must grow! Don't stay the same or hold yourself back because you are afraid of change.
On the other hand, don't change into someone else's idea of perfection.
Be you. Authentically and truly you.
Life may not get easier, exactly, but as you grow and evolve, be strong in yourself. Know your worth. Know how much value you hold.
This does make things easier, in a way...because you are loving you and aren't depending on someone else to fill in the empty spaces of your heart. If you are giving that to someone else to fulfill, you will be forever lacking and not knowing why.

And one day you will wake up--oh, please, dear god, don't let it be too late!--and realize that you are not living your life with your heart.
You are just doing the mundane, the routine, no joy in your actions. Or the joy you have isn't filled to capacity

Tuck these words into your heart and let them be your mantra: Love life to its greatest capacity! Hold on to your hat and buckle is quite a tumultuous ride. Don't settle for the pony ride of safety and a guarded heart.


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