A Visit From Jerome!

This is an old pic of Jerome (brown dog) and our Gypsy (yellow Lab mix)

For those of you who are following the saga of me & Jerome, I've got a little bit of an update for ya'll!

I posted a little bit of an update about him on my Facebook page (click HERE to find me on FB!!) but didn't do an official blog post. Here's a little bit about that "old" update:

Jerome's "real" name is Macho, which fits him but I still like Jerome. I discovered this when my dog got loose and made a beeline to Jerome's house. Huffing and puffing, I chased her. Turns out, I didn't see Jerome, but his owners were outside. Although they didn't say so, I'm putting two and two together (with what some of the neighbors told me) to assume that Jerome's owners were on vacation for a few days and left someone in charge of taking care of him. They obviously did a really crappy job of it. But his owners...as badly as I wanted to despise them...were really quite nice. They explained that Jerome was in the house, which is why I wasn't able to find him for all those days! I'm thinking that someone lied to me about his being tied up all the time....because I've been driving by his house and sometimes I see him, but more often, I don't. Because he's inside.

They were telling me a little bit about him and you could see that they really do love him. Maybe not like a lot of us animal lovers do...but they do love him.

The puppy has been moved to a shadier area of the yard and is getting BIG. She has a huge food and water bowl now. Maybe my snooping around got them a bit more responsible with her...but they talked to me a little bit about her and why she is currently not allowed in the house. I get it...I wouldn't do it the same way, but I get where they are coming from. I see them walking her now, down to the park and she seems pretty happy. I'll just keep an eye out for her and make sure she's doing good.

So, yeah...that's my OLD update on Jerome. I hadn't seen him checking out the neighborhood in awhile, not since that day when he came to my house, looking so rough.

Until Sunday.

Sunday morning, he came to visit us!!!

He played in the yard with Gypsy for a few minutes, then ran up to the porch to see me. I cuddled on him and gave him back scratches and hugs and told him how much we had missed him.

He looked great!! Fattened back up to a healthy weight, shiny coat, new collar. And a wagging tail.

Then, I did something that I had avoided up until now: I let him into my house.

He wandered in and checked the place out.

He was just incredulous of Indiana Jones, who was squacking obnoxiously because she knew that he was an "unknown" and wasn't quite sure if he should be in the house. Jerome really wasn't quite sure what to make of her. He just looked pained by the high pitched fit she was throwing. hahaha

He found Molly (the cat) and tried to sniff her through the baby gate that she was (wisely) sitting on the other side of. She, in return, scratched his nose and let him know what was up. She's the queen. You don't mess with Molly. No one messes with Molly. ::wink::

Then...he ate all of Gypsy's food. Dear lord, does that dog drool!! There was a pool of doggy drool in her bowl by the time he was finished. It was so gross! hahaha

He and Gypsy started playing and slamming themselves into furniture and causing a good ol' ruckus, knocking things over and just being goofs.

But it was time to cut his visit short when I tried to give Austin and Levi their breakfast and Jerome tried to shove us all out of the way to get to their plates. Sorry, buddy, time to go back outside!

So, out he went, but we told him that he was more than welcome to visit us anytime....just not at meal time. hahahaha

And that's my new little update on our precious Jerome, guys! Isn't he the sweetest?


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