Sick Homeschool Morning (video)

Well, it was bound to happen: we all got sick.

We got that horrible sore throat/head cold that's been going around.

But, luckily, it didn't last too long, because, as everyone knows, life doesn't go on hold just because mom's sick, right? haha

On this particular morning, Austin, Levi and I were all on the mend (but you can hear that I'm kind of asthma was kind of acting up from being sick) but poor Mahri was just coming down with it. She was miserable. Since I had just gotten over it, I knew how it just sucked every ounce of energy out of you....I refused to cook or clean when it hit me the hardest, so I figured Mahri probably wouldn't have the greatest advantage in Algebra if she was feeling the same.

So I gave her the day off of school. But she ended up still doing some of her other classes. I love how she is so self-motivated! She is growing into such an amazing young woman...

Poor Christian maybe felt like the most unfortunate of all of us, though, as he was the only one that had to do school and all of his chores. He is, maybe, a bit less self-motivated than his sister. hahaha

And, yes, this video shows that I talk to my animals like they are my what? hahaha (When I was replaying what I had recorded, I was, like, oh my gosh...did I really just call myself the bird's mommy on camera? ahahaha!!)

Well, enjoy the video and let me know what your average morning looks like! Did your family get that sore throat and head cold, too? was so miserable!


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