I Don't Need A Bath!

Spring has definitely sprung here in the deep South!

A couple of Saturdays ago, my kids took off to play outside in the morning and didn't want to come home until dinnertime! It was awesome!!

(I could still see them playing from my window)

It's awesome when days like that happen because they are outside having a blast, running around and getting dirty. They are just being KIDS!! They love it and I love seeing them all so happy...instead of being cooped up inside and bouncing off the walls.

Plus, the bonus of that deal is that they are so worn out from all that playing and the fresh air has just worked its magic...and they all sleep like logs that night! hahaha

While they were out playing, I was cooking dinner (baked potatoes and broccoli) and just enjoying the quiet house. Dont' judge me, you know you love those days, too! haha

If you want a peek into that Saturday, you're in luck!! I did a little vlogging and have a short video for you! It's short...under 10 minutes (and will explain the title of this blog post), so enjoy!!



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