Well, That Didn't Go According To Plan

I keep saying that I'm going to get back into healthy living.

So far, my attempts at "healthy living" have....well, they've basically sucked hairy monkey balls.

I have been eating so much freaking fast food over the last couple of months that I've probably paid Ronald McDonald's, the Little Caesar guy's and Mr. Taco Bell's mortgage off and threw in a yacht for each of them, too.

Yes, it's been THAT bad.

Last weekend, I sat down and began planning a healthier meal plan for us all...and since we have to go shopping daily instead of weekly right now (damn finances)....here's what I had:

As you can see, I got stuck halfway through the week on dinner ideas.

And while they aren't the healthiest meals, they are certainly better than anything that you can grab from a take-out window. Right?

I was aiming for vegetarian....but not vegan.

Baby steps, I guess....

Well, that was my plan.

My plan sort-of failed.

I meant for almost everything on the list to be organic...but Antonio went shopping for everything...sooooo...nothing ended up being organic.


We ended up having an egg (each person = one egg) and toast each morning.

Lunch was fruit and any leftovers we found in the fridge.

(I totally forgot, until looking at this picture, that the granola bars are still sitting in the pantry.)

And....dinner....take out.


I need to get my act together!!

I am currently watching fitness women on YouTube. While sitting on the couch, sipping coffee and typing up this blog post.

Yep. I think I'm pretty much the backside of a horse right now....and probably smell like one, too. I needs a shower pretty badly.

Is anyone else attempting to get healthier? Are your plans working??
If so, can you please send some of your motivation my way?



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