Two Healthy Lunch Ideas

While sitting here, trying to make up another week's menu, I decided to share a couple of lunch ideas that I'm running with next week. They are healthy and my older kids are excited by the "buffet" idea. (though either idea can easily be assembled and packed up for lunch on-the-go)

I explained to them that we'll have a "prep day", where we'll all work together, washing and chopping veggies. Because I'm tired of doing it all by myself. Do you know how much produce a family of 6 can eat? Let me tell's a lot! haha

So, we'll wash up and chop the veggies and beans and whatnot, then store them in tightly sealed containers in the refrigerator. That way, later during the week, we're not just staring at the fridge wondering why God didn't make the veggies pre-chopped. Because nobody wants to do that when they're hungry. Know what I mean? So, we'll have a fridge full of chopped veggies (though not all can be chopped up beforehand, due to it oxidizing too quickly when cut) and beans and shtuff all stored in the fridge, ready to go. We just grab out the containers and sit them on the bar/kitchen table and voila!! Throw together whatever strikes your fancy and you've got lunch!

(For those who are confused as to why my kids will be home for lunch: we have 4 kids and all are homeschooled. So they're always here for....everything. Especially food.)

Here are the two lunches we'll be making throughout the week, alternating days. My youngest two, though, will probably opt to stick to their pb&j sandwiches, but I'll try to get them to eat some veg or fruit with their sandwiches.

Veggie Subs

(these are the types of things we'll be putting on ours...feel free to add anything you want!)
I'm going to check out the local discount day-old bakery store for cheap little sub buns. If not, I'm sure Walmart has some. If I even strike out there, we'll just use bread. Maybe toast, to make it sturdier with more texture.
Chopped Green Pepper
Jalepeno slices (from a jar)
Vegan mayo (the chipotle one would be great!) and/or balsamic vinegarette for moisture and flavor
(I also think that alfalfa sprouts would be rather tasty on it!)

Huge Salads

Lettuce (duh)
And then just pile everything on. Don't skimp on any of the veggies or beans!! Eat what you want!! Pile it on, baby!
Black Beans
Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans
Shredded Carrot
(again, sprouts would be awesome...wish I had sprouts)
(shredded or cubed pepper jack cheese would be great...but I'm trying to keep fat & dairy to a minimum)
I told the kids that I may also boil some eggs at the beginning of the week and they can just grab one, peel it and then chop it and put it on their salad, if they want.

Then top it with your favorite dressing. I'll probably use organic Ranch.
I'd like to get away from Ranch, but it's seriously our go-to.

So, those are our 2 lunches we'll be rotating next week.

What are your favorite healthy lunches??


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