Monthly Medicinals | Anti-Nausea & Stomach Ache Remedy

This little gem is going to change. your. life.

For reals.

It was a total game changer for our family, that's for sure!

First of all, let me introduce our guest of honor:

Ginger root.

Have you ever seen this guy hanging around at your local grocery store?
Looks a little creepy, doesn't it? Like some kind of alien worm.
(no offense, Ginger. Just a minute...I'll sing your virtues here in 3...2...1...)

Ginger helps a whole host of stomach issues, including:

(even nausea caused by the flu)
(recent studies are even showing it significantly helps with nausea caused by chemotherapy!!)

motion sickness
(studies show it actually works better than Dramamine!)





Did you know that ginger has been used to treat upset stomachs for over 2000 years?!
(Caveat: ginger's healing properties extend waaaay beyond tummy issues, but this is what I'm covering this month)

And, no, I know what you're thinking: ginger ale is NOT the same thing, guys.
Not even close.
Even if ginger ale happens to work for you a little when it comes to easing need to try the real thing. You'll see there is NO comparison.

I know that I listed a few different stomach ailments that this can help with, but I am only going to focus on the one in this post: nausea.

I have used this remedy multiple times on myself and my kids and it works.
Every time.

I remember one time in particular when my preschooler, Austin, had the flu. He was just vomiting and couldn't stop. So I made him some ginger drink (my very first time working with it for medicinal reasons) and even before he had finished with the glass, his nausea was GONE. Just vanished. It was unbelievable. Ever since then, it is my go-to remedy for nausea.

I prepare my ginger medicine a few different ways. Here are the two ways I use most often:
(my measurements are approximate...I don't really measure the ginger or water. I just eyeball it)

Use organic ginger whenever possible but regular old ginger will also work just fine.


Cut a large chunk of ginger off of the main root, about 3-4 inches. Cut it into smaller chunks/slices and put in a small pot of water, about 4 cups of water (about an inch of ginger for every cup of water). Heat the water over the stovetop (I don't recommend using the microwave for this) and bring to a boil. When it comes to a boil, reduce heat and let it simmer, covered, for about 20 mins. You could even just let it boil for 5-10 minutes, then take it off the flame and let it steep for about 20 minutes.

Once it's finished steeping/simmering, using cheesecloth or a fine metal strainer (you don't want big holes in it), pour the tea through it into a mug, making sure no chunks of ginger get into the mug. (it won't hurt you if you do drink it. It may help more...but my boys don't like chunks of anything in their drinks...) Squeeze in some fresh lemon for both flavor and for it to do a cleanse of your system (lemon is both antibacterial and antiviral) DO NOT ADD MILK/CREAM.
You can add a little bit of honey (preferably raw honey) to it for sweetness. Raw honey will also give you healing benefits. Once it's cooled enough, it's ready to drink. Results are fast!


This way is the way that I prefer because I think that it yields the most ginger. But sometimes the taste is a little too strong for kids.

I toss an inch or so of ginger into my juicer and let it go into a cup. Then I add some cool (not ice cold) water and honey (again, raw honey is best) for sweetener and just drink it like that.

You could add warm water to it (just run some plain water through your coffee maker without putting coffee in it, of course) and add that to the juiced ginger and make yourself a nice little warm tea, as well. DO NOT ADD MILK/CREAM.

With either cool water or warm, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice for added flavor and healing.

I had planned on doing a couple of videos, showing how to make the warm ginger tea and the juiced ginger drink...but when I went to take the ginger out of my fridge, I found out it was moldy! Eek! videos for you. hahaha


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