Finally...Someone Did Their Zika Research!

I am writing this to share a friend of mine, Brooke's, amazing article. She has been researching the Zika virus and it's supposed ties to microcephaly. You know, the "ties" that have most of the country freaking out because of the birth defects and talk of a Zika virus to protect your newborns? Please read this extremely well-researched and very well-informed (complete with footnotes!!) article. Pass it on!! This is VERY important!!

PS...the above picture offers you a clue as to what is really going on....

"So in conclusion, NO ONE DID THEIR RESEARCH. Sumitomo claims the Journal Pesticide Science Article found Pyriproxyfen larvicide to be safe. The Journal Pesticide Science Article claims that the US EPA found Pyriproxyfen to be safe. Reading the US EPA Journal article we find that NO RESEARCH was done. NONE.
Now . . . make up your own mind about what’s really going on in Brazil."


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