Why We Don't Go To the Circus

The people were all amused....no one saw her pain. Her anger. Her agony. Until she stood up and SHOWED it to them.

I went to the circus when I was little. My parents took me, probably imagining that they were giving me mind-blowing fantastical lifelong memories of my day at the circus.

Truth be told, I remember nothing of it.


I will never take my kids. Not because of the fact that I have no recollection of the event...but because I will not support the evilness that goes on behind the curtains. I don't care what the trainers and the PAID public relations people say....animals do NOT want to learn to do these tricks. They are not "eager" to learn. They are NOT using only positive reinforcements to train them.

I knew it was bad.

But I had no idea......

The people were all amused and no one saw her agony. Until she stood up and showed it to them.
Posted by Hefty.co on Thursday, January 14, 2016


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