Where Did The Romance Go??

Well, ironically, this comes right after my "More Babies?" post from a couple days ago....

I've been reading blogs and stories of these husbands and wives with lots of kids....and still lots of ...ahem...heat between the two of them after a decade...sometimes decades!.. of marriage.

Am I the only one who is having trouble in that area?!

I am hoping that my husband isn't going to stumble over this post because...well, that would just be awkward for us both...this is just me and you, hanging over a cup of coffee and girl-chatting, right?

Kids wear you out.

Housework wears you out.

Trying to run a couple of home businesses while homeschooling, chasing preschoolers and cleaning house and washing laundry really wears you out.

Like, seriously.

Well, it wears ME out, anyways.

There are many days when I fall asleep before the kids...I try to keep my eyes open until the last little one drifts off to DreamLand...but lately, I'm barely able to make it to bed before dozing off. Antonio and I used to spend time in bed, after the kids went to sleep, watching Lost or Scandel....but I'm barely able to stay awake through even a 25-minute episode of Unsealed (yes, we love our conspiracy/UFO shows...lol)

I've also been having a lot of health issues (remember that whole thing I wrote up about my having a lot of problems and we're wondering if black mold is the culprit...) and I just don't feel good anymore. Going to bed with migraines and earaches....that doesn't help my anxiety, yo.....


Where is the romance?!

I mean, I know that little-by-little things can eat away...and you really should work actively at keeping your marriage hot. But I just feel like....sadly, there's no time, energy or even desire, sometimes, to do that.

Yep. I said it. Sometimes I don't even have the DESIRE to keep things hot.

I really wonder if I'm the only one who's let everything keep her from keeping things spicy in the bedroom...please tell me that I'm not alone...

We used to go on weekly date nights...nothing fancy, just grabbing a bite to eat, just him and I...then coming home and cuddling in bed, watching tv after the kids went to sleep.

Those date nights really helped to recharge us, I felt.

But...due to money constraints, date nights have become completely obsolete over the last few months.

And our marriage seems to be suffering from that.

I mean, I didn't even get so much as a birthday card from him for my birthday...and his birthday is here in a few days and I have nothing for him, either.... We actually FORGOT about our anniversary a few months ago!! (It was our 12 year wedding anniversary)

I spend my nights, hanging with the kids and watching tv....he spends his nights with his nose glued to his phone, playing games and hearting pictures on IG.

I have decided that I NEED to actively work on things.

This marriage won't spice itself up.

I told my big kids this morning that if Mommy and Daddy can't go OUT on date nights...well, date nights will be coming HOME to us.

I got that idea from Lyette, who, even after SIXTEEN kids, still keeps things hot for her hubby.

I want to go from this....


So...now I'm going to try to be planning some romantic at-home Date Nights.

I thought that he could bring home some take-out (it's cheaper than eating at the restaurant because there's no tipping or gas money, no expensive alcoholic beverages, etc)...I could set up some candles in the bedroom (I have a bunch of cute little LED candles) and a little picnic-like area, then he and I could hole up in there, eating our dinner and watching a Netflix or Amazon movie. Just him and I.

There's also some really cute ideas for things to do over on The Dating Divas website.

Hmm...I spent a few minutes just now browsing some of the at-home date night ideas...and some of the romance sparkers...over on The Dating Divas and I'm getting excited!! These things look FUN!

Well, wish me luck! I'm going to see if he wants to pick up some take-out tonight and get the ball rolling... If he does, well, I have some sexy party planning to do... ;)

What about you?? How do you girls keep the romance alive??


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