Our Homeschool Day (Jan 4, 2016)

9 AM....Wake Up!

We got to sleep in today!

Right away, I made Levi, Christian and MJ a pot of old-fashioned oats with brown sugar on the stove (we don't have a microwave) and Antonio made Austin a PB&J sandwich (Austin didn't want oatmeal).

Then, we had story time...Levi picked Jack Truck and Austin picked How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The big kids started their school day. They each have a printed lesson plan (I type up Christian's each week...MJ's came with her curriculum) that they follow each day. They get to pick what order they do their classes in. I am more hands-on with Christian's classes than Mahri's (she is a freshman in high school and he is in middle school) and help to keep him on-track.

Observe MJ's ingenuity: noise cancelling headphones to block out screaming little brothers. haha!
Some classes require me to sit with them and further explain a lesson if they don't understand it on their own. They also come to me if they need help with assignments or for me to help them review or administer quizzes and tests.

The little boys had about an hour of Free Play before they got bored....so then we settled in with the book, Jumanji. Afterwards, I got out their jungle stamps kit and they created a scene of what they imagine the jungle must look like in Jumanji (they've never seen the movie).

While they were stamping, I helped the big kids with some of their classwork. Then, my grandma called and I talked with her for a few minutes.

Afterwards, I finished cleaning up their stamps and put everything away, then it was time to do some "school"... Today, we (the little boys and I) did a worksheet that helped them work on their scissors skills, glue stick skills (haha) AND review the shape "circle".

They are really getting good at using (safety) scissors!

I got called away to help the big kids a few times.

When the little guys finished their Circle worksheet and after we cleaned up their "school" area, they had some free play time, while I tried to work on my computer a bit....but mostly helped Christian and MJ with their school work.

MJ was having trouble with verbals (participles, gerunds, infinities, etc) and...lemme tell you...the way her book explained it left me scratching my head, too.

Do you know what I do when I don't know how to explain things? Helloooo, Google!

We found some informative (and funny) videos online that helped drive those verbals home:

(the video listed above wasn't quite as funny...but it did help her to really grasp the differences between the types of verbals AND their distinguishing characteristics)

This one, though, really had us laughing:

Then, they had lunch (girls, I need to get to the grocery store SOON! My pantry's runnin' on empty, ya'll! hahaha) and I told them that afterwards we'd have another story time...but then we were going to have a new thing today: Quiet Rest Time.

(I'll admit: I was more excited for this than they were.)

They picked their story books: Austin picked How the Grinch Stole Christmas (again) and Levi picked Go, Diego, Go: Baby Jaguar Can and That's Why We Don't Eat Animals.

Then....::cue celestial music:: it was Quiet Rest Time. I explained that it would be one hour and that they would have to lay in bed, quietly, and could pick 2 activities to do in bed quietly. Levi picked 2 different "sewing" cards and Austin picked a "sewing" card and the Grinch book.

How did "Quiet Rest Time" go, you ask?? (those more experienced mothers are probably still laughing...go ahead, I'll wait...hahaha)

It's gonna take some getting used to.


They were sort-of quiet. But found their little ways of letting me know of their discontent...by their heavy LOUD sighs and moans. Actually, that was just Austin. Levi was pretty good about it, though he didn't nap. Oh, no no no. He waited until Quiet Time was over, ran out to the couch with me and curled up next to me and fell asleep.

And THAT was my day until about 5:30 pm.

We haven't been eating an early dinner like we were...I hope to get back to that soon. I'm hoping to be implementing a few more learning activities to our day...gotta check out Amazon and the local teacher supply stores... I want to start doing a Circle Time in the morning...and maybe some more activities like a sand/bean/bead/dried pasta table, clay work with tools and stuff like that....

What is a day/morning like at your house??


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