My BirdCage!!

We've been working on this birdcage for months...literally.

Not that it actually takes that long. But my husband just works on it, little by little, when he finds the time and when the weather cooperates.

It's been months, people.


But it's almost done now!! It just needs a little more clear coat to finish it off!!

When we first got it, it was a plain brown-ish color. It was cute...but I had plans for that baby!!

This looks like ours....image courtesy of Amazon.

But I went to Home Depot and picked my colors out that I wanted & Antonio painted it for me...look at how it has turned out:

I loooove it!! It's so much more cheerful!!

Indiana Jones, our lovebird, is going to love it, too, once he's able to move into it!!

My husband had his doubts as to whether the color scheme I picked out would look right together...but I think (and he enthusiastically agrees!) that it looks awesome!

It just needs a bit more clear coat and the perches put back on along with some of her (or his...but we think Indiana Jones is a girl...) toys. Then it'll be ready.

What do you think??


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