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Whether you are suffering from a full-blown ear infection or even just an ear ache,
let's face it, that pain can be excruciating.

Some facts about ear infections:
  • An ear infection is the inflammation of the inner, middle or outer ear
  • Despite the fact that antibiotics rarely work to heal ear infections, doctors and pediatricians still hand out thousands of prescriptions for antibiotics each year for ear infections
  • Ear infections can be caused by either bacteria or virus. Most, however, are caused by viruses...which is why antibiotics don't work. Antibiotics are only designed to kill bacterial infections
  • Most people can naturally fight off an ear infection within 72-hours
  • Antibiotics kill healthy, beneficial and necessary bacteria that lives in your gut. These bacteria, called gut flora, help your digestive system to work effectively and efficiently. Killing off this flora can cause some really serious issues
  • Chronic ear infections can indicate a food allergy
  • Ear infections are the most diagnosed illnesses in pediatric offices

Even though most ear infections will be cured with no intervention within 72 hours, that doesn't really seem like much of a comfort to someone who's writhing in pain. Or a poor mom or dad, trying to console their screaming baby.

A very powerful and effective natural remedy for earaches and ear infections is garlic oil. It has been used for many, many years as a natural cure for ear infections, earaches...and other ailments.

*Disclaimer!! You do not want to do this on a ruptured ear drum!! Make sure that the ear drum has not ruptured before doing this treatment. Don't want to go to the doctor just to check if your ear drum has ruptured? Get yourself an otoscope!! HERE IS ONE on Amazon that comes with detailed high-resolution ear drum pictures (so you can see what a ruptured ear drum looks like) and instructions. And a 10 year warranty. (bet your doctor doesn't come with one of those hahaha)

Why garlic oil?


Olive oil contains polyphenols that calm irritation and inflammation. (and what did we say that an ear infection was??) 

But garlic oil can get pretty pricey when buying it online or in a natural store.

I found 1-oz bottles on Amazon for $10+. For an ounce, people!!! And that wasn't even organic.

That's highway robbery!!

(did I really just say that?? where's my walker and Depends...I'm ready for the nursing home...)

Anywho...the other issue that comes into play when buying from any source is: how old is this stuff? Garlic oil loses its potency after about two weeks. How do you know that the bottle you're getting ready to snatch off of the shelf at GNC or from Amazon hasn't been sitting on a shelf at the manufacturer's for months? Years? Eeeek!! Sure...let's all just pour rancid oil into our ear canal...

Being the DIYer that I am, I decided that I would make my own. And I would make mine with fresh organic garlic and organic olive oil. At a fraction of the cost!

You can easily make yourself a batch, too!! Only 2 ingredients! Find out how to make it and how to use it... Just click on this link and you'll be taken to my Garlic Oil recipe: CLICK HERE!



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