MJ Turns 15

Well, it's official.

MJ is 15.

How is that even possible?!

Wasn't this just yesterday?

But...no...this is reality...

Now...if you'll indulge a pitiful mom for a small photo montage...

Wasn't she sooooo cute?!! Gah!!

Happy 5th Birthday, my princess!

The cutest little baker around!!


Okay, I'm done with dragging you down Memory Lane.

Let's get on to yesterday...her actual birthday.

She didn't want to do much because Antonio was working...so she opted for a little pizza party and a movie with us for the night. She didn't know that we had snuck a cake into the back refrigerator for her big day. She thought the day would be cakeless. AS IF!!

Ummm...Jalapeno chips?? YES!!

Sorry. Boring chip pics.

There. I'll throw in a boring soda one to round it out...

Gypsy surprised MJ with a big birthday kiss! hahaha

Awwws. They loves each others.

She picked an awesome movie: Cinderella!! We'd never seen it before and found it to be just the sort of magic that her birthday needed. ::wink::

Cookies and Cream cake!!

Haha, MJ!! You thought there was no cake!!

Happy birthday, my beautiful princess!!

She was so excited to see that it was actually SNOWING in Atlanta on her actual birthday!!!!

These kids are so awesome!!

And...for a special treat...Chritian was caught acting like a total goofball on camera!! He said that it was okay if I posted this...ONLY because it would make his sister laugh. And that's what good brothers do. Make their sisters laugh. Especially on their birthdays:


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