Free Preschool Worksheet!

Back when I first started homeschooling....ohhh, a mere 13 years ago, money was even tighter than it is now. But I was a determined homeschooler....and if I couldn't BUY the workbooks that I needed, I would MAKE them! I drew out sooooo many reading and math worksheets....just packs of markers and white printer paper. Sometimes, if we had some money to burn, we'd make copies of the worksheets at the library, to give my poor hands a break from all that drawing!

But don't let that fool daughter learned to read when she was 3.

With just my homemade worksheets.

I was good. ::wink::

But now times are different now and I'm able to make worksheets on a computer (sometimes I'll still make them by hand, though) if I'm not able to find what I'm looking for in any of the workbooks I bought at the store.

I thought that maybe I could post a few of them up when I make them and maybe someone out there might be able to use them?? They're free!! My little guys are loving them and hopefully your kiddos do too!! Let me know what you think!!

Click HERE to get the FREE downloadable version!!

Comment below if you'd like to see me add more worksheets in the future!!


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