Cute & Romantic Birthday Gift

This past week was Antonio's birthday.

{A random fact about Antonio and I: our birthdays are less than 2 weeks apart. I was born December 24, 1980 and he was born 13 days later on January 6, 1981!!}

So...even though money may be tight, I still wanted to get him a great birthday gift. I found a great solution on The Dating Divas amazing website: the Passport To Love!!
Photo courtesy of The Dating Divas

Basically, I printed everything out, pasted things together, filled in the destinations and put a cute picture in his "Passport".

One night each month over the next year (12 months!! 12 dates!!), we'll "visit" a different country on a date. Now, if you're on a budget like we are, you can make these dates as cozy or as elaborate as you want! For example, I am planning on our going out to eat (or picking up take-out) from whatever "country" we are visiting that month. Like, if we're supposed to be visting China...well, we go get some Chinese food! And then...because my creativity is'll watch a kung-fu movie when we come home. LOL Our trip to Mexico will be a trip to a local Mexican restaurant, maybe have a margarita, come home and watch a movie based in Mexico.

I picked out 12 destinations and filled it out on his "airline tickets" and travel itinerary. I got stumped on thinking of places to I made some domestic travel "Texas" (hello, steakhouse!!) and Hawaii (I found a local authentic Hawaiian BBQ place here in Atlanta!)...but then I was having some fun when I put "Hooterville" as one of the destinations. (part in reference to Green Acres...and the other part is because they just opened up a new Hooters not too far from us and we've been wanting to check them out. Now we have an excuse!! hahaha)

There are little "stamps" that you can paste in the passport each time you "go" to a new destination!

This is going to be so much fun!!

Do you have any suggestions for more China date night ideas?? Or how about for any of these: Japan, Greece, Thailand, Africa?? (I forget the rest of the ones I picked...LOL)


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