Crazy Homeschool Day

I usually make lesson plans each week and grade papers, on Saturday or Sunday, before the school week starts.

But I fell behind this weekend and completely forgot to do either!

I had a mountain of paperwork to grade or correct and a whole week of lessons to plan today.

It took me hours!


It is currently 4:32 in the afternoon and look at this....

My little boys decided to abandon all forms of outer clothing.

Apparently a truck carrying massive amounts of livestock (and dinosaurs) had a horrific crash on its way to the farm. A pink dolphin was also a casualty of the tragedy.

And I am still in my jammies.

But at least I got it all done!!

I hope you all are having productive days, too!!

PS...I was looking through some of my old posts from when I only had 2 kiddos...I was laughing and crying, simultaneously. You should totally check them out!!


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