Colon Cleanse...O.M.G!!

Okay, so ya'll know that I mentioned last week that I was going to be watching some more of TannyRaw's videos because she is so inspirational and motivating...

And I just turned on this video where she's talking about colon cleanses...I'll put the video at the bottom, so that you can watch it if you want to! It's SUPER informative and, as always, Tanya is funny and awesome!

So, I was intrigued by what she was talking about...but then was REALLY sucked in when she showed a picture from the colon cleanse instruction booklet that showed WHAT comes out of your colon. A picture of what came out. No, it wasn't poo. It was something much more creepy and disgusting. I was equally grossed out AND wanting to see more.

You ever do that?

Like, "OMG!! THAT IS SOOOO GROOOOSSSS!!!! .......but let me see more of that because I cannot believe THAT can come out of a person!!"

I'm debating right now on whether or not to show you.

I'm thinking, hey, they can just click on the link that you're gonna give them and they can just look themselves. But then...I know that a lot of you won't go to it because you just have no idea how...holy-crap-mazing it is.... Because, dude. It's inside YOUR body, too. That's what a lot of the testimonials on the website were saying. How they saw other testimonials and decided to do the cleanse because they were certain that nothing like that was inside their body.

And they were wrong.

Oh, so very very wrong.

So they sent in their testimonial pictures, too.

Alright, you know what? I'm gonna show you. Yep, I'm gonna show you what is INSIDE YOUR COLON, dude!! ya go:

Brace yourself....

I told you.

That is NOT poop.

It is toxic sludge that is built up in your colon.

In the Ayurveda culture, it is said:

"You are not what you eat but what you don't digest"

(quote borrowed from Greta Hill Wellness)

Also from Greta Hill Wellness:

The average person carries around 2-5 POUNDS of this stuff everyday!!

(2. TO. 5. POUNDS. Peeeeople!! That's NASTY!!...that's me saying that, not Greta Hill)

What this stuff is is mucoid plaque, a build up of toxins, that actually coats your intestinal lining...alllll the way up into your small intestines. Even if you're doing regular 4 qt enemas, you're still not getting that far up, cleaning it out. Most of us, though, haven't been taught to do regular enemas (I know that I don't...but I definitely want to talk about them later...because, as it turns out, they're pretty important and our ancestors knew it...why did we stop??)...anyway, so this mucoid plaque coats our intestines. Do you know what is supposed to happen when stomach-digested foods go into our intestines? Our intestines begin working to absorb the nutrition from the food. As it moves through the intestines, our bodies absorb the nutrition. That's a pretty important step, yo. BUT when our intestines are coated with this crap (literally, LOL), they can't absorb what they need to. But they can't just shut off their absorption process....sooooo guess what they are absorbing?


The toxins that are in that mucoid plaque.

Even worse...some people have dissected these "ropes" of mucoid plaque...and found WORMS in them!! Worms!! Coming from their body!! (turns out, it's way more common than we think...I had a friend go to a doctor because she and her kids had runny noses and cold-like symptoms that they couldn't shake...turns out it was intestinal parasites...eeeek!)

....just when you thought that it couldn't get any more disgusting, right??

Well, I'm sure you can just imagine what can happen if you let your body continuously, for years, just keep on absorbing toxins and poisons. Tumors. Nasty diseases. Cancer. I wouldn't doubt if it couldn't contribute to things such as Crohns, lupus, MS, cirrhosis of the liver, etc. (I am not a medical professional...just a regular ol' gal who is sharing her thoughts with you...I can't guarantee that toxins swimming around in your body cause those issues...what do you think happens eventually?) I mean, if your body is just overwhelmed and filled with toxins... So...what are some of the early signs that your body is toxic?? 

Glad you asked!! haha

More from Greta Hill:

15 Signs You May Be Toxic:

  • Bloated Belly
  • Allergies
  • Low Energy
  • Bad Breath
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Loose stools or constipation
  • Dry, cracked skin or nails
  • PMS
  • Bad Moods
  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Joint Pain in the Morning
  • Brain Fog
  • Heart Burn
  • Burping or Gas

Umm..I meet a lot of those signs...and I know that most of you do, too.

Remember, I read your FB statuses. ::wink::

So, yeah, are you intrigued yet??


Did you just click off and stop reading altogether?

You did, didn't you??


Alright, well for those of you that are brave enough to still be here, shall we continue? I promise, no more graphic pictures!!

So, I looked up the Colon Cleanse kit that Tanya was talking's a 5 Day can read more about it or order it HERE (you can click on "Picture Testimonials" if you want to see more proof..I did...totally got sucked in, man) 

Tanya and the other reviewers say that it's not like its going to give you explosive diarrhea or anything. That it won't make you have to stay home...but many people's reviews did make me think that...nobody wants to be the one clogging up the empolyee bathroom toilet with that junk. Some of those "toxic sludge strands" are 3-4 FEET long!! ::gag::

I really want to do it.

I have had intestinal issues since I was a baby.

I've been diagnosed with Spastic Colon/Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It's also been suggested that I may possibly have colitis. I even have some signs of Crohns.

So I think that my body could ONLY benefit from having a cleanse. (if you have bowel diseases, you can check with your doctor if you're able to do this...but from what I've read, this is completely safe to do...while colon irrigation {colonics} are more dangerous for sufferers of IBD, this is a safe and equally healing option) That stuff is just sitting in your body, slowly poisoning it. Don't you want to get it OUT?!! I know I do.

Apparently there are 3 different options: Good, Better, Best.

I want to go with the 9 Day Best option...which involves a 5 Day Liquid Fast.

They stipulate that to actually remove the toxic mucoid plaque pieces, you have to do the 5 Day Fast...that way your body isn't just moving food through the digestive system and its getting in the way of the process. Apparently, you can do the Good or Better cleanses and they'll clean you out some. But to really get that nasty stuff out, you've got to do the cleanse.

I've never done a liquid fast before....are they super hard?? I think they sound REALLY hard. But the reviewers all said that they thought it would be hard but it was much easier than they thought. That they didn't have dizziness or anything. Just going to the bathroom a few times a day. And that seeing what comes out only encourages them to keep it up. And the "shakes" you drink actually contain stuff that makes you feel full. If you're really wanting something to eat, you can drink organic apple juice, water or strained vegetable broth.

Anyone want to do this with me, if I do it??

Have any of you ever done it before??

Tell me all about it in the comments and on Facebook!!

Here's Tanya's video that I saw that got this whole ball a'rollin....

I watched this TannyRaw video, too..and it was really informative:


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