Bigger Dining Room!

Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to make my dining room bigger and able to fit all the kids at the table comfortably to do school, I enlisted Christian to help me turn the table around.

Holy cow, it worked!

I can't seem to find a good "before" picture (and I didn't take an actual "before" picture because I didn't think the small change would make much of a difference) this one will have to suffice.

And this is what it looks like now:

Austin (5 yrs old) has requested that I get rid of his and Levi's matching high chairs.


They are growing up.

I think I want to sand down the table and chairs (and buy a couple of new chairs from Home Depot) and paint them some bright colors.

That's where I'm torn when it comes to Waldorf education...all the pictures I see of their classrooms are so warm and cozy...not bright and super colorful...

Photo courtesy of this website that I can't read....
You can see more pictures of a Waldorf classroom by visiting Simple Homeschool's post, featuring the wonderful Sarah HERE.

Well, I gotta go. Everyone is finally starting to wake up and I have to get the day a'shakin!! LOL

What are your plans for today?


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