What's For Dinner | 12/7-12/12

Hi, friends!

It's that time of the week again...menu planning!

When I switched over into low fat, vegan whole food recipes, lemme tell you...I started having trouble finding good recipes. Especially recipes with pictures (I hate making recipes that don't have pictures...it's a quirk of mine). So some of these "recipes" are things that I'm just throwing together... I'll link recipes if I have a website for you to go to.

Here's what I have planned for this week:


Sauteed Chickpeas w/broccoli (recipe calls for parmesan, but I'm omitting that) 
and baked potatoes


Roasted Zucchini tacos
and pinto beans


Pasta with cannelini bean sauce (I omit the escarole)


with roasted potatoes


Unstuffed Pepper-Quinoa Casserole

As usual, I'm planning on having huge salads available to go with any of the meals. I'm also flexible and may switch up dinners as the week goes on, if I feel like it.

Follow me on Instagram (gardening_gypsy) to see how I put these dinners together with the rest of my meals each day, to keep on the healthy track!!



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