More Babies??

It seems that everyone I know is pregnant...and maybe that's contributing to how I'm feeling.

Or maybe it's because of our baby that we lost to a miscarriage last year.

I don't know.

But, lately, I've been wondering if we're ever going to have another baby...and how that idea kind of sounds pretty nice.

Well, sounds nice to me...but I don't think that's really what Antonio's thinking of right now.

But I'm thinking that, hey, we have the baby equipment...even the cloth diapers!...and I've learned how to make baby food from our dinners (really, how did I not figure it out with the first two kiddos?! ::sigh:: #MomFail lol)

When I look at my our 4 beautiful children, it really doesn't seem like a big family. And I really wanted a big family. I've always thought that I wanted 6 kids...but that doesn't seem to be a reality anymore for us.

Maybe I won't feel like this tomorrow...hahaha...I'll just ride this feeling out and see how I feel on the other side. Who four keep me pretty busy...and stressed sometimes! LOL

My family really doesn't like the idea of "big families". They are kind of like...well, one is enough, isn't it? Oh...two kids?? Alright, but no more, ok?? Three?! Dear lord, what is wrong with you guys? ....FOUR?!! Don't you have a tv?? Get a hobby, people!!! can only imagine what they thought when I told them when we were expecting #5. hahaha

My youngest is now 3. No longer a baby. Completely weaned and potty trained, learning his letters and numbers alongside Austin (5 y/o). He no longer wants to sleep with me at night, instead preferring to be a "big boy" and sleep in the big boy bed with Austin. I miss having a baby in my arms. I even miss changing diapers. (what is wrong with me?! haha) And I just discovered this amazing woman: Lyette Reback ( is a beautiful and organized mom of 16. SIXTEEN!!! How awesome is that?!! I'm sure that reading her blog and watching her YouTube videos is not helping my Baby Fever at all.. ::laughing nervously:: 

What about you? Do you have a big family?? What is your idea of a "big family"?


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