Getting Rid of Lice Naturally | Pt 3 Prevention

When Antonio and MJ went to buy me the Fairy Tales brand lice treatment, I had them pick me up bottles of the FT Rosemary Repel Shampoo and Conditioner.

It was pretty pricey: $29.99 for each 32-oz bottle.

But, if they do what they say, they are completely worth it!

I used them immediately after the initial comb-out (when we used the special foam and comb to remove the lice eggs and most (all?) of the lice. Apparently, lice do not like rosemary. In fact, using certain herbs in your hair can make you "invisible" to lice, so that they don't even try coming onto your head. That makes them ideal to use on a daily basis, providing year-round protection and greatly lessening your odds of ever having to actually deal with treating lice. But, back to what I was saying, I used these products immediately after combing out my hair, to wash out anything that happened to be left behind AND to make me "invisible" from any buggers that happened to be hanging around my house, waiting for an unsuspecting host. I also spritzed MY hair and everyone else's hair with the conditioning spray that came with the lice treatment kit. I wanted as many odds on my side as possible.

What makes them even more awesome, is that they are paraben- and sulfate-free!!

Now, I will warn you: these products have a very strong herbal smell.

That is what makes them effective lice prevention.

They contain beneficial herbal/plant ingredients, such as rosemary, tea tree oil, peppermint and aloe.

They clean my hair very well and are very gentle. The conditioner wasn't anything super conditioning or anything like that. It just seemed like a regular conditioner. With secret super powers (lice prevention)...hahaha

I highly recommend buying this shampoo and conditioner if you are worried that you or your child may come into contact with lice at school, church, daycare, etc. (I don't make any money from this company or receive any compensation from them...I just love their products!!)

UPDATE: After everyone using these products for over a week, I have to say that they are not my favorite products. The shampoo lathers up wonderfully and the herbal fragrance is, in my humble opinion, really nice. But the conditioner just doesn't seem very....conditioning. And our hair seems to look dirty faster. If it wasn't serving an actual purpose (lice prevention), these products would not be one of the ones I would reach for automatically.

Lice Update: We are on Day 5 after treatment and there are still no signs of lice (haha, get it? "no signs of lice" instead of "no signs of life" hahaha) on my head!

Another Update...sigh...Houston, we have a about it HERE.


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