Getting Rid of Lice Naturally | Pt 2 Stop the Itch

No doubt about it, lice bites ITCH!!

Like crazy!!

You can easily scratch yourself raw, trying to ease your itchy scalp, neck and of the lovely outcomes of having lice.

(Yep, I am currently treating myself for more about it HERE and HERE)

I was not able to stop itching!

I even have bites around my temples on the side of my face!

This sucks!!

But after just one application of tea tree oil, I am a lot more comfortable. A LOT.

Tea tree oil is one of the few essential oils that can be direcly applied to the skin without a carrier oil. (meaning you don't need to dilute it or mix it with another oil, like olive oil, before using it topically)

Tea Tree Oil, among a whole host of medicinal values, is also an anti-inflammatory when it comes to things like bug bites. Lice bites included! Because it is also antimicrobial, it helps to clean your bites, preventing infection. Double bonus, yo!

I just would put a drop on my finger and apply it wherever I was itching.

Within 5 minutes, my itching was almost completely diminished!!

I put it on before bed last night and for the first night since my itching began, I got a good night sleep...with no itchy bites keeping me awake.

This morning, most of my neck and shoulders (which had been bothering me the most) aren't even itching me at all anymore! I had a few spots that still itched...including the upper part of the nape of my neck and my scalp and behind my ears...but I just applied a little more tea tree oil to the areas and they are feeling a lot better!

Also, applying firm direct pressure to the bites with your fingertips or hands, helps to alleviate some of the itching, also. But mostly it's the tea tree oil that's working its magic.

I'm wondering if a lot of my itchiness now isn't caused by just being stressed out and worried that the little buggers are still there...or just knowing that they were there at all.

So that is my top anti-itch recommendation: Tea Tree Oil!

The brand that I use is is one of the cheaper brands and available on Amazon. You can probably pick yourself up a bottle at your local health store or herb shoppe. But feel free to use any TTO that you have had success with!


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