Monday, November 30, 2015

What's Fo' Dinner?? | 11/30-12/5

If you read my post about my journey to regaining better health, you'll notice that I'm taking that decision very seriously! This week's menu is meat-free, dairy-free and very few processed ingredients. I'll try to include as many links to recipes as possible! I plan on having a huge salad ready to eat with all the meals. Meals may be switched throughout the week. Keep up with my daily meals for healthy food inspo with my #KCHM100HealthyDays posts on IG (@gardening_gypsy)...and I may be posting them here, too!






Roasted potatoes with roasted green beans


(This meal is iffy...we are supposed to be celebrating Austin's 5th birthday on this I may have to just make this recipe next week if we end up going out to eat)

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