New Healthy Recipes! (well...sort of healthy)

Hi, guys!

How have you been?

I've been busy as a bee, trying out some new recipes for the family.

I veered off of the vegan path that I was on for awhile...but I still wanted to cook REAL food.
Not a bunch of packaged crap. Because, guys, that stuff's not really FOOD.

It's not.

So my kiddos were getting tired of smoothies for breakfast. To the point that a couple of them sort-of shudder in disgust when I ask if they'd like a smoothie. haha

So it's time to break away from the smoothies, yo. And they weren't really digging oatmeal all that much. They love refrigerator oatmeal but I somehow lost all of my small mason jars that I made it in, so I decided that with cooler weather upon us, it might be nice to make some warm hearty breakfasts.

They like packaged muffin mixes that I just pour into a bread pan and make into breakfast breads...but I knew that I could do better than that. If they liked those, I knew that I could make from-scratch ones that they would LOVE. And I could make them with mostly-organic and healthier ingredients.

Here are a few that I made...and everyone LOVED!

(I don't have a ton of pictures because my phone sucks. And I should probably get a new sd card)

Click on the name of the recipe to be taken to the recipe's page!


(or in this case...breakfast bread haha)

Picture courtesy of Food Network

Now, I did deviate from the recipe a bit with this. I didn't make the sugary glaze on top. For the bread/cake, I grated a bit of lemon...but then mixed the lemon juice (I believe I squeezed 2 lemons) into the mix to make it really lemony. It turned out PERFECTLY! I don't even like yogurt...but you couldn't taste it at all in this bread. The yogurt makes the bread really cake-like and moist!

Photo courtesy of Taste of Home

Again, I deviated a bit from the recipe. I didn't do the crumble topping. I thought that the recipe was a bit lacking...but everyone else said it was incredibly yummy.

This is MY picture...of my creation

I omitted the wheat germ. And I used unsweetened applesauce instead of the oil. My blueberries were frozen (I just put them into the batter while they were frozen) and they worked great!


This is the picture that I took

I thnk this might be one of my all-time favorites. This is a vegetarian take on Chicken and Dumplin's, with the chickpeas (garbanzos) replacing the chicken. Everything was absolutely incredible.

But I have a confession to make...I didn't use the broth they told me about. I had no clue where to find I just used...chicken broth. Eeep!! So MY recipe wasn't vegetarian...but the recipe itself is vegetarian. I also didn't add parsnip because my farmer's market didn't have any.

This one is good. You REALLY need to try it!

Photo courtesy of Oh My Veggies

This was another one that I wasn't such a fan of...but everyone else in my family called me crazy. They said it blew Taco Bell's Nacho Bell Grande out of the water on every level.

I did forget to add the green onions, even though they were sitting in my fridge.

Photo courtesy of Food Network

I have to admit: I was sick the night I made this (which may explain why I didn't like the taco casserole the night before...I was just feeling crummy), so I didn't even taste this the night I made it. I ate it the next day for lunch. And it was great!! My family all said that it was delicious. Even my husband who, for reasons unknown, hates potpie. (how can anyone hate potpie?!!)

Now here's how to make this recipe MUCH easier: I used premade refrigerated pie crust. ::eek!!:: Yeah, actually I don't feel guilty about this part. It was still very tasty! I put a sheet of the crust on the bottom of my dish (it didn't really fit the entire dish, but who cares?) as well as on top. Again, it didn't fit very well on the top, either, and did't cover everything, but oh well. It might not have been as pretty as the one in the picture...but no one seemed to care a bit!

Photo courtesy of Oh My Veggies

This one is what I am making for tonight's dinner, so I have no alterations to the recipe to tell you that I did...or even a review. But it looks ahhhmazing. And...hello??!...twice baked potatoes?!! Oh,'s on! ::wink::

Well, those are the new recipes I tried out this week!! I hope that you'll love them as much as we do!! If you try them, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you thought of them!!


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