My Favorite Curly Hair Products

I have had both short curly hair and long curly hair...but when it's long, the curls do tend to be weighed down more. Whereas when they are short, they are (usually) very bouncy.

My Long Curly Hair

My (new) Short Curly Hair

I just wanted to show you "proof" that my hair is, in fact, curly. haha

Here are the products/methods that I have found to work the best for me.

Your hair may be different, so no hate it these things don't work for you... But if you have curly or wavy (that you want to be curly) hair, you may want to give these products a whirl...Unless otherwise noted, you can get all the products at Sally's Beauty Supply. Most can be purchased as a trial size, so that you can try it out before committing to a larger container.

Bioterra Cleansing Conditioner

I've been using this for a few weeks and I am absolutely in love with it! It replaces your shampoo, conditioner & detangler! It is also paraben free and sulfate free!! I haven't found that it weighs my hair down at all, either! I was worried my hair would be looking oily or dull...but so far it's been one of my favorites!

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner

Now, since I cut my hair and have been using the Cleansing Conditioner, I don't have to use this as much. But it worked fabulously with my long hair and when I used a different (Tresemme) conditioner in the shower. It wasn't oily or heavy at all. And it smells heavenly! It is also is silicone free, paraben free, petroleum free, no mineral oil or artificial colors.

Ion Curl Solutions
Conditioning Curl Whip

Now, this stuff was tricky. I have a love-hate relationship with it. The girl at Sally's wasn't sure if it would work the same as a mousse...which I was trying to replace mine (mousse) for a healthier option. This stuff is 100% vegan AND paraben free! Now, look, in some ways, this stuff was way more amazing than my mousse (Garnier Nutrisse). But it was way too moisturizing to use on the upper portion of my hair. I would have to use my regular mousse on the upper part of my hair and use this Whip on the bottom part (ear-level and below). A little bit goes a long way! This isn't all airy like a mousse. It's a bit thicker. So putting too much on made my hair very heavy. This worked GREAT when I was "plopping" my long hair. (more on hair plopping further down!) I haven't used it on my short hair yet.

BTZ Noodle Head
Curling Creme

This isn't one of my "healthy" hair products. It's not paraben free or anything like that. But it works! So I compromise a little. This is a lightweight cream that I use instead of gel or mousse. I think it works best if you use it with the BTZ Curl Boosting Spray. My hair is definitely not as curly as I want when I use this by itself. But when used with the spray, my curls are awesome!

BTZ Noodle Head
Curl Boosting Spray

I love this spray!! Again, it's not paraben free or anything "healthy" like that...but it works great! It is, by far, my favorite curl boosting spray that I've tried. I've been using it for years. When used with the above-mentioned Noodle Head Curl Creme, my curls are gorgeous!!

GVP version of
Kenra Volume Spray

This has a pretty great hold! Besides using it during the day, I also use it at night To keep my curls in place at night (when my hair's short), I'll spray this stuff on before bed and they keep pretty well for 2nd day hair! The back is a little messed up but the side curls are still pretty curly.

BTZ Frozen Stiff
Hair/Finishing Spray

I got this when I first cut my hair and I was hoping to do some vintage styles. Think Elizabeth Taylor's hair in Butterfield 8. My Aussie hair spray wasn't cutting it, so the lady at Sally's recommended this stuff. I don't find it holds as well as I was hoping for...but maybe I was expecting a miracle?? It does hold really well, though. Much better than my Aussie hair spray. It keeps my bangs over and out of my face all day! I may try using this on my styled hair at night to see if it will do better on my 2nd day hair...

Well, those are my current favorite products!

Do you use any of these?? How do they work for you?? Or, if not, what do you use??

Now...something that I fell totally in love with. This helped transform my long curly hair in ways that I thought only existed in my dreams. Seriously. It was THAT good. Now, I have been too nervous to do it on my short hair...because it's so short that my hair can't be piled on top of my head, so I don't think the process would work... But if you have medium to long hair that is curly... YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!! What is this curly-haired miracle?? HAIR PLOPPING

You can see the exact video that I used to teach myself how to do it by clicking here.

And I tend to think that it can look pretty a retro vintage kind of way...

Have you ever hair plopped??

I hope this helped you with finding some great products for your curly hair!!

Please let me know what you think!!


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