Journey Back To Health

I realize that this style of writing doesn't really match my other posts. I am usually very sarcastic and fun-loving. But today I am feeling very spiritual and wanting to be more serious. Bear with me...hahaha


photo courtesy of The Daughter of the Sun

I have been neglecting myself lately. In mamahood, it is so easy to get caught up in rushing to meet the demands of others, putting everyone else's priorities before our own.

This is doubly true when our little ones become ill. Which is ironic, because these are the times when we need to be extra diligent at making sure our bodies remain healthy and strong. How well can we care for our babies when we, ourselves, are tired, run-down and sick?

Ever since I began cutting corners on making meals, allowing more meats, dairy and processed foods into my weekly menus, we have seen our health take a nosedive. (coincidentally, in the same timespan, I also stopped exercising...but that was due to an injury...which caused a down-spiral into a depression which took away my drive and desire to prepare healthy meals)

As a mom, it is my job to provide healthy and nutritious foods for my family. It is my responsibility to set a good example on teaching my children how to properly take care of themselves. That "natural wellness" doesn't just mean to drink the right plants/natural remedy when they get sick. It means to nurture and honor your body with healthy real foods, so that their bodies are strong and provide a superb immune system, so that they rarely get sick at all! It means (for us) keeping animal products to a minimum, if not elminating them altogether. To eat whole organic fruits and vegetables, not processed garbage, masquerading itself as "food".

Exercise and keeping your body moving and active on a daily basis also plays a huge part!

Natural wellness means to nurture your heart and soul, as well, but we'll talk about that at another time. ::wink::

So, this entry on my blog is my way of putting it "out there" to the universe, to hopefully keep myself aware of, and accountable for, my actions.

Let my journey back to a healthy lifestyle begin! I am hoping to document the beginning of this journey in the form of 100 Healthy Days posts.

Anyone want to join me?


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