I'm Still Here! A Quick Update

Me. Right now.
It seems that I just can't stop burning the candle at both ends.

Kids keep getting sick.

I keep getting sick.

This time change has got everyone's schedule out-of-whack.

There are days here lately when I just want to throw up my white flag and check myself out of the game.

So many days when I don't feel like I'm going to be able to keep my head above water.

And, only due to the grace of God, I somehow find myself back in control (both emotionally and physically)...even if it's just momentarily.

I've had some outrageous head cold...at least that's what I think it is...it's been making me feel all lightheaded, sometimes dizzy and forgetful for small moments, for a couple of months now. I think it's sinuses. I hope that's all it is. Maybe it's exasperated due to stress. It seems to get so much worse when I am stressed. I seem to feel A LOT better after I've take a hot shower. Like, my head feels more clear and I feel so alert. During my worst weeks, we had to take off of school and miss going to church events.

My husband tells me that I need to take a break and not put so much on myself...and then he begins listing the invoices that I need to get typed up and mailed out to our customers.

All of you moms know how it is: life doesn't take a break just because we are feeling under the weather.

I'm sorry this seems to have turned into a woe-is-me post. I promise that I'm not going to turn all whiney on you all! hahaha I'm just having a bad day...and wanted to write...but this is all that comes to mind right now. Eek! That's not good! I'm so sorry!!

Oh! I do have good news!! Last week, I was thinking that I had an ear infection. It hurt bad, day and night. It was driving me crazy and I was ::this close:: to going to the doctor. But I figured that I had one great card up my sleeve: garlic oil.

I will make that post separate, so it's easier for people to find when they need the recipe!! (that's right: I made my own!) Click here to find the recipe yourself!!

I haven't been vlogging lately but I really do miss it. I had a bunch of videos planned to do, but then life happened and they all slipped to the side. Hopefully, I'll be back to making another one soon! I love the way Jamerrill Steawart vlogs. She is such an inspiration to me!! You can watch her videos by clicking HERE. She is a Christian homeschooling mama of SEVEN!!! You need to check her out, too!! She makes me feel like everything, no matter how much it seems to just fall apart some days..well, she makes me feel like it's gonna be okay.

I ::heart:: Jamerrill.

So, how have you been?? Have you been having a rough time with the time change, too?


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