I CHOPPED OFF MY HAIR!! And FB hiatus....

A couple of weeks ago, something posessed me...to chop off around 12" of my hair!!


The last time I cut off that much hair was around 2 years ago...and I loved it!! But I realized...in hindsight...that I had been in my height of fitness and healthy eating...my face was a lot thinner. Now I just kind of look like a weird...lump with short hair.


Sometimes it goes really curly and I love it like that!! (even with my chubby face) But other times it just goes limp and looks dull....

That's the day I got it cut...I was unsure of whether or not I liked it....

The next day I wore it curly...I still wasn't sure about it...

And here's what happened when I tried to use a curling iron to style it...unsuccessfully. To make matters worse, I was going in to the DMV to get my Georgia license...now I get to carry around that license for 8 years with this hair cut. Blah.

I do try to make the best of situations, though.... I like it much better when I wear it with its natural curls. If you want to see what my favorite products for curly hair are, click HERE.

In other news, I am taking a break from Facebook. It was just becoming almost like an obsession or addiction...I was *always* checking up on it. I always had my phone in my hand, randomly seeing if I had any comments or likes on my posts. I used to try to keep my serious side (politics, parenting preferences, world-views, etc) to myself. I kept my posts as uplifting and positive/funny as I could. But then...I felt like I needed to contribute something. I viewed issues a lot differently than my friends/family and I thought that maybe if they heard *my* perspective...well, maybe I could help them see the flip side of the coin. And I also had seen many posts from my politically passionate friends on how mindless "some" people seemed, only posting their stupid little funny posts that had nothing to do with the real world.

I didn't want to be viewed as mindless OR unconcerned with things!

I have opinions! VERY strong ones!

So I shared them.

Which brought out a LOT of drama. Arguing. Hurtful words/opinions.

So I left.

My kids are more important than some fantasy internet world.

My kids are HERE. Right here in my home with me. They care about how I feel about things. And even if we think differently about issues, we don't try to use hurtful words. We don't try to shame each other. 

Reading Levi Are You My Mother for the thousandth time in a day is so infinitely more important to me than how the world wants to argue about whose politics are right. Or What Disney Princess Are You? some app thinks that I am.

At the end of the day, when I am left kicking myself for not putting together the dinosaur puzzle with Austin...but I did make sure to keep up with comments on how Attachment Parenting is clearly the best way to parent (in my opinion)... What kind of crummy example am I setting for my children and husband on where my priorities are?! 

I also noticed that social media is killing my creative vibe. I can't blog or vlog or do anything. It's just like my brain is constipated. I can't get my ideas flowing....

So, I just logged off. Actually, not completely off. I am going to be posting my blogs over on there, but that's about it. I don't know how long my hiatus will last. But I hope to enjoy every second of it!

Have you ever taken a Facebook hiatus? How long did it last?


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