Getting Rid of Lice Naturally | Pt.1 Treatment

So...yeah. If you missed the news: I have lice.

You can read all the juicy tidbits HERE.

Actually, my daughter just helped me do an all-natural lice treatment...and ::fingers are crossed:: that it worked and I don't have to repeat the process. EVER. AGAIN.

I had told you all earlier (again, all the details are up there...just click on that "HERE") that I was NOT going to just immediately dump a bunch of scary toxins all over my head. I wanted to get rid of them, naturally, if that was even possible.

That's where the Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel products come in.

Let me tell you a little bit about them....

They are made of organic herbs, are non-toxic AND pesticide free! No parabens OR sulfates!!

They have been clinically proven to remove lice and nits (lice eggs).

It is completely safe for repeated use. (the same cannot be said for conventional chemical lice treatments)

So....while they have several lines of products (not all geared towards lice removal, mind you), I am just focusing on the ones that I am using.

This post, Part 1, will focus on the actual lice removal treatment:

Lice Good-Bye Survival Kit

This is what its box looks like.

Amazon was all sold out (friggen unbelievable!! It's lice season?! Who knew that lice actually had their own season?!), but luckily my local Ulta was in stock!

It cost $29.95 for the kit.

It contains a 4-oz bottle of Lice Good-Bye foam
a Terminator Nit-Free Comb
a 4-oz bottle of Rosemary Repel Conditioning Spray
and a hair clip (which I didn't use)
Oh, and a set of step-by-step instructions

I'm going to give you a general overview of our experience using this Survival Kit.

First, I put the foam on my dry hair, massaging into my scalp and hair, as directed.

It has a very herbal fragrance. Not completely unpleasant...but not my favorite.

This stuff dissolves the "glue" that the mom louse used to attach her eggs to your hair follicles.

I let it sit for almost 30 minutes.

Without rinsing it out, my daughter used the comb to begin the tedious process of combing out tiny sections of hair. Seriously, it sucked. I have a lot of hair. And you have to go over each section of hair from every that's like, 4-5 times for each section.

This removes the eggs...and actually a lot (most of? All of??) the lice.

This comb is amazingly good at what it does. It is 300% more effective than regular lice combs. You just rinse it out with warm water when it becomes...too clogged. (again, yuck..sorry, ya' part of this process was pretty)

You have to clean the comb off after each pass through the hair, to remove the...uhhh...debris. This stuff is NOT killing the lice, so you will have to squish any survivors between your fingernails, to keep them from getting loose in your house! They make a weird sickening "pop" when they are squished. Yech.

After awhile, we realized that the large clip they gave us in the kit was pretty we used my pin curl clips to section off each section of hair. Remember this, people!! Pin curl clips are cheap and awesome for this purpose!! I got mine at Sally's. They were quite the life-saver, moving the treated hair over and keeping it out of the way as we moved on to the rest of my head.

My daughter realized that for hard-to-remove nits, it helped to squirt the foam directly on the hair sections and just try combing through it again.

This did remove a lot of my red hair dye. ::sad face::

When my hair began to dry out, she would spritz it with the Rosemary Repel spray and keep on movin'. She was an amazing helper!! She is so freaking awesome!! The spray, by the way, had a very herbal smell that we actually liked. It didn't smell like chemicals at all. Because it doesn't have any. hahaha

We put the paper towels and toilet paper pieces that we used to wipe off the comb in Ziploc baggies when we were done with them, sealed them up and my husband ran them right out to the trash as soon as we were done.

And that's all that has to be done with the initial treatment.

As with other treatments, I'm supposed to do a "head check" in about a week to make sure they're all still gone. If they're not, I need to repeat the process.

It's not difficult to understand how to do...but it is just as time consuming, I imagine, as the conventional treatments.

I ended up spraying the baby boys' heads with the Rosemary Repel spray to *hopefully* continue keeping them lice-free. Oh, a little info on why this is supposed to work: lice don't like rosemary, tea tree oil, peppermint oil...all of which are in these products. It actually makes you smell not human, to a louse. And makes you an inhospitable environment for them to live and breed. I read that tea tree oil and rosemary actually make you "invisible" to lice (in a manner of speaking) that they don't even visit your head! Which is why they recommend that you and your child use their shampoo and conditioner every day, to keep lice at bay (haha at the rhyme). They also have a Repel gel and I think hairspray...lots of products to help keep your home lice-free.

My final take on this product and process: it was a long and tedious process. Again, though, it is no different than the traditional treatments...the hardest part was just combing every strand of hair several times. We actually had fun girl time while doing it. Just laughing and talking about tv shows that we've been watching.

The Rosemary Repel spray was lightweight and didn't seem to make my hair oily or weighed down.

The smell was so much better than chemical smells. But it does have a very strong herbal fragrance.

Why buy the chemical crap when you can just use something natural?? Especially on little kids!!

If it works, I am giving this stuff 5 stars and 2 thumbs way up!!

Have you ever used the Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel products? How was your experience with them?

Stay tuned for Pt 2....taking the itch out of lice bites!

UPDATE: I am writing this update the morning after treatment...we just did a quick check of my hair and it seems that the treatment got rid of everything!! Yay!! We'll keep an eye on it and I'll keep you updated. Hopefully, they're gone for good!


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