GOD and this Hippie Mama

I feel like this needs to be addressed because I have this fear that my readers (all 2 of you...hahaha) are thinking you've been duped.

If you follow my KCHM facebook page, you've definitely noticed an unexpected twist.

I went from purely posting "crunchy" and "natural" parenting tips to posting more about God.

To hosting a Bible Study/Devotional Challenge for my readers who are mamas.

And a large fear of mine was, I am ashamed to admit, was "Oh my gosh, I am going to lose so many readers because I am being so open with my faith and my beliefs. People didn't subscribe to my page to be hassled with my religious talk. I even considered how many "crunchy" mamas aren't Christians at all. That many are pagan or other religions. In fact, many of my friends are non-Christians. I didn't want to offend them. I still don't!!

But then something happened on my private page that really got me thinking.

I got into a debate about a controversial issue. A FB friend of mine actually ended up unfriending me and debating me on something...and later he apologized and resent a friend request. He told me that he was so sorry...that he didn't realize that I was a Christian. A Christian with a different take on this particular issue, but still a sister in Christ.

And he probably didn't realize it...and I may just let him know...but that innocent little comment of his, that he hadn't realized that I was a Christian shook me to my core.

I have NEVER been ashamed of my faith or my beliefs.

However, I also don't agree with forcing my beliefs down anyone's throat.

But I took that last "policy" so far that even other Christians couldn't recognize me as a child of God.

And that stunned me.

That has never been my intention. But, looking back, I can see why people may be confused. I've been so busy trying to be politically-correct that I've lost sight of what's truly important.

My baptism last November. I was baptized with my husband,
my daughter and my eldest son.
One of the reasons that I am "crunchy" is because I think that God has given us so many more natural ways of doing things, ways that are less destructive to our bodies and our health, that He has got us covered in so many more ways than we realize. He is literally everywhere. From the sunshine that can dry and disinfect clothing to the plants that can heal our bodies.

I am proud of my faith and that I am a child of God. I will never hide my beliefs from anyone. And I will gladly answer any questions that someone has for me. And I pray every day that I will be able to show the world God's eternal love. That it will radiate out of me for others to see. That they feel His love, too. Because God IS love.

So if you see me posting weird religious stuff and that makes you uncomfortable, I am sorry. I promise that I am not trying to force anything down your throat. But I am not going to hide anything. I want my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ to know that I am here if they ever need a friend or someone to talk to. But I am also here for non-Christians. Not to judge you or to convert you. ::winky face:: But to love you. To be your friend. And I hope you're cool with that, too.


Unknown said…
Well Hello! So sometimes I'm SUPER vain an I google the title of this book (Because Crack is Illegal) because I LOVE to see the faces of the women who are reading it. I spend a WHOLE lot of time praying for you so I love to see who you are :) You mentioned you used the book for a Bible study? How did it go? And I think you are doing a great job blogging! Keep it up. You have a voice that people need to hear.
Raema, girl...I think I just spent 10 minutes running around my house screaming "SHE COMMENTED!! ON MY TINY BLOG!! SHE COMMENTED!!" my kids were a little scared. Then my daughter realized what was going on and she JOINED me in running around, screaming. hahahaha! Okay...::collecting myself:: Thank you so much for coming to read my post. I spent some "vanity time" the other day trying to find out who's mentioned my blog on their websites. hahaha Before I get into my words about your book, let me thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated! Now...onto your masterpiece....I loved it! Not going to lie...I initially bought it just for the title. How could someone NOT love that title?! I had several moms join me for the study...some ordered it and some I gifted with copies because after I started reading it, I KNEW it had to be shared!! We'd read a day/chapter and then discuss it the next day. Raema (or am I being too presumptuous? Would you prefer Mrs. Mauriello?), they loved your book. One mom wasn't able to participate in the actual discussions but I saw her on her private page, quoting your book (she especially loved your closing) and telling everyone how much she loved it. Another mom participating was actually reading it with her husband. She said that they had been in a very dark place and suddenly, out of nowhere, I mentioned the Bible/book study. She said that it touched them so deeply and they fell in love with your writing. I personally love your style. I spent so much time laughing...and crying. Thank you for this book. You will never know how much it meant to us that read it. And thank you for your sweet compliments...they truly made my heart smile. ::hugs:: (pssst...as the mom of 4, with 3 of them being rowdy boys, I loved the picture of them running around with 2x4s...ahahahaha!! Being a BoyMom is great, huh?? I hear ya, sister!!)

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