Plaza Fiesta...Our 1st Visit

This weekend we decided to visit Plaza Fiesta for the first time.

Plaza Fiesta is a Hispanic mall in Atlanta and we hear about it all the time on the tv and radio. So we decided to load everyone in the car and check it out.

Of course, we got lost.

Because *who wouldn't* want to get lost in a very shady part of Atlanta? ::insert sarcastic eye roll::

Actually, we had first decided to go to an ethnic (all sorts of nationalities) flea market in Atlanta...that's when we got lost initially. Only to realize that they had torn down the flea market.

Then we decided to just head over to Plaza Fiesta nearby.

Where we got sort-of lost again.

But it was worth it!

Plaza Fiesta was amazing!

But really busy, so we couldn't really do much but walk around.

Because I love you all so very much, I stopped to take a few pictures as we walked around.

Which led Antonoio to leave us behind.

Noooo!!! We needed our tour guide!! ha ha ha

Luckily, he didn't get far.

Plaza Fiesta is a total treat for the senses!

The colors are bright and beautiful.

You can smell the latin foods cooking and the music played on.

And here is the little vlog I did while on the way and while walking around inside:

Hope you enjoyed our little adventure!

Isn't it the coolest mall ever?!

If you are from Atlanta, have you ever been to Plaza Fiesta?

Let me know, in the comments below, what you thought!!


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