My Week In Review: July 6-11

If you are a mom of more than one kiddo, it should go without saying that the dates in the above title are approximate. I rarely remember my own phone number, let alone when anything happens...

::winky face::

Back on Monday, as some of you know, we had 2 priests come to our home and perform a House Blessing. We have been having some unexplainable/paranormal stuff going on in our home (and in previous homes) for years. But the kids had been getting scared and enough was enough.

So the priests came out, which brought on a cleaning frenzy before they got here.

Literally, hours before they got here.

So now my home is almost completely all clean and sparkly!

I'm quickly working on rooms/areas that I didn't get to Thursday I did an amazing overhaul of the laundry room. My laundry room was, to put it simply: atrocious. We could barely even squeeze in the room because the floor was covered with dirty laundry and odds and ends that people just tossed in there. Because, here's the thing: my husband's work car looks like he lives in in. Literally. Clothes and food wrappers and everything and anything else you can think of is piled to the ceiling. On the rare occasion (maybe one every couple of years?? no joke!!) that he decides to clean it out and bring in his dirty clothes, tupperware, what-have-you, most of it he just brings in and dumps on the laundry room floor. Because, though I love that man deeply, it's like he feels that once it's out of his literal possession, it's my job to sort through it, organize the stuff and clean it.

Also, anything that the kids or my husband feel is too dirty for them to actually put into the washer themselves (I mean, seriously, what is the mentality behind that?!), they'll throw in the laundry room on the floor. Toys that were left outside and all covered in dirt and mud? They bring them inside guessed it! Toss it on the laundry room floor.

I was overwhelmed and tired of trying to make it work. So it just built up higher and higher. Until Thursday. Muahahahaha!! I don't know what came over me, where the motivation came from, but I washed pile after pile of laundry....or just tossed things that were stained beyond recognition or ripped and ruined. I ShopVac'd the cobwebs off the ceiling and from behind the door. I organized my little laundry cart and cleaned off the machines. I ShopVac'd and mopped the floor. My laundry room looks AMAZING! ::I So Proud:: hahaha

I also went shopping for office organization stuff this weekend. I bought a fancy-schmancy planner, Post-It's, a dry-erase hanging calendar, pens...and all sorts of cute things to decorate my planner with. I actually did a Haul video of everything I bought, so keep an eye out for that!

Speaking of which, have you subscribed to my YouTube channel, Blue Eyed Gypsy Vlogs yet? Although I'm nowhere close to being a great vlogger, I do think that I'm getting better! The kids usually are in it with me and we have some fun ideas for future videos! So be sure to subscribe to my channel!!

I think that's about all that's been going on with me....what's new with you??



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