Trying To Get Healthy...Again

Hey, ya'll!

This is just a little bit of a catch-up of what's been going on around here....

Summer is in full-swing and it's been hot as Hades 'round these here parts! Like, seriously HOT. Like, I-Wish-That-I-Didn't-Have-To-Wear-Clothes-Because-It's-So-Hot hot.

I need to get my body back in check and get rid of this tummy so that I can just walk around my house in shorts and a bikini top. That's my goal at this point. LOL

Speaking of getting in shape...

I'm still not able to exercise due to my sore body/injuries or whatever is going on inside this body of mine. I've been going to the chiropractor's three times a week for adjustments and tomorrow is my half-way mark through my "Care Plan" or whatever he calls it.... Tomorrow he's going to have me do the little "tests" and whatot to see how my body is responding to the treatment. Probably no xrays, though. But we'll see.... He originally told me that I'm on the 16-week Care Plan (I really don't think that's what he calls it...) and hopefully by the end of my 16 weeks, I'll be in great condition and have no more pain, so that I can start exercising again! I miss Zumbaaaaa!!!

But in the meantime, I need to get back into a healthy eating lifestyle! I was doing soooo good when I was doing the whole Raw Til 4 thing. My daily eating was basically all raw fruits and veggies (including smoothies and homemade juices) until 4 pm...or dinnertime, if I could make it that long. Then, for dinner, I would make a low-fat vegetarian meal.

My body was looking pretty good, if I do say so myself!

But then when I got hurt and couldn't exercise, I got depressed and figured, what the heck? I'm just gonna eat a bunch of crappy comfort food and forget it.

Which meant that I gained back all the weight I had lost. Boooo!

So I'm trying to get back into the Raw Til 4 thing, but it's sooo hard, guys! I just want to eat macaroni and cheese and potato chips. And ice cream. And chicken fingers.

I have plums in the refrigerator and a melon on the fruit shelves...but I just can't bring myself to eat them. Sigh. Send me motivation, ya'll!! I need a kick in the butt!

This week, I am doing all low-fat vegetarian meals. Those are working out really well. Even the little guys are eating their big salads that I dish up before the main course! They're eating salads with red-leaf lettuce, Romaine lettuce (NO iceberg lettuce!), cucumbers, celery, red pepper and avocado. I cut everything up really super small so that it's easier to eat and they just chow down on it. Last night, I didn't even put any dressing on their salads. I just mashed an avocado (half for each) into a guacamole-type consistency and then mixed it really, really well into the salad. So that everything was completely coated with avo. Then I squeezed a little bit of lemon juice (straight from the lemon) onto the salad and mixed that in. And that's it. And they ate it all up! And said that it tasted yummy!

Tonight we're having oven-roasted red potatoes and asparagus with salad.

That sounds so good!

For anyone that's trying to eat healthy and stay on track, this is what I think helps tremendously: Make a weekly menu. I scour the internet, googling "low fat vegetarian dinner recipes" and similarly worded searches. Make sure you do the menu for the whole week. Breakfast and lunches and snacks included.

Then make your grocery list for that menu.

That way, when the week tackles you, you are prepared. Everything is in your house and ready to go!

It's so much easier when you are hungry and stressed from the day's activities to know that you don't have to plan your dinner or run to the store for anything. You've got it covered.

Preparation is key.

What tips do you have for eating healthy throughout the week?


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