Saturday Morning Randomness

It's almost 10:30 on Saturday morning

 Antonio is sleeping in because he's not feeling well.

He and Christian should be out working.

AussieBear needs to use the bathroom, which is in my bedroom, and Christian is begging Aussie to whisper and not wake up Daddy because he knows that once Antonio's up, it's time to go to work. ha ha ha Poor kiddo.

Saturday morning Lego session

12:30 pm

So the men-folk went off to work awhile ago. I ate leftovers from last night for lunch and let the little boys eat my tortilla chips and bean dip. They love chips and dip but don't get it too often.

Now I'm seriously wishing that I could take a nap...

But I need to start cleaning. And vacuuming. And putting the cloth wipes in the dryer.

But my bed is looking sooooo good.... ha ha ha

I also, when feeling much more awake and optimistic, told Mahri and the little guys that I wanted to take them out to have some fun today.

....what have I gotten myself into?!!


Conversation between Me & Levi

I have been reading Kandee Johnson's blog, KandeeLand, when she was pregnant with her 4th baby. Seeing all her adorable belly pictures was making me a little...nostalgic....

Me: Hey, Levi....what do you think if Mama had another baby? Like this lady. See? Look at her belly. There's a baby in there. Wouldn't it be fun to have a baby brother or sister to play with?

Levi: No.

Me: No?? Really?? You don't think that would be so much fun?!

Levi: No. No, that reawwy (really) makes me sick.

Me: Huh? It makes you sick to have a baby brother or sister??

Levi: Yeah. Know what's fun? We go play at McDonalds instead. That reawwy (really) fun.

Well, alrighty then.


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