New Blog Ideas

I hate (or is it love??) when I am reading other people's blogs and fall instantly in love with one of their features and then am so sad that I don't have it on mine.

Like instead of missing weeks of posts because I don't have enough material or whatnot to make individual posts designated to one subject...what about a Week In Review, like Haley does with her This Week's Miscellany? I love that!! Then I can just cram everything from the week into one post and not even worry if it fits into a certain topic.

And This Month's Favorites like Kathleen does every month? And I can share that month's favorite recipes, movies, books, whatever I want to!!!

Oh, I really do love those ideas...

I also loved the monthly pregnancy updates that Emily did on her blog. But I never found the motivation to blog when I was pregnant. I was too busy being evil and hormonal to everyone I encountered. hahaha

Maybe I'll fit them into this blog...but not the pregnancy updates. Nope, nothing to write about on that front. haha And maybe never again... Who knows... I just don't think it seems fair to get pregnant and have a baby just so that I can add a new feature to my blog, do you? (so totally kidding, people!)

I'm also not sure if anyone likes my What's On The Menu Monday...but then again, I kind of don't really care if anyone does because there are weeks when I don't remember what's for dinner and I can't find my notebook where it's written down. I've rescued myself (and my poor starving children) by looking it up on here. So, like it or not people, it's gonna probably keep on haunting you all on here.

Now I gotta go because it's Saturday night and I want it to appear like I have a very fascinating life and don't spend my Saturday nights blogging.



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