Lemon For Deodorant: Day 7

In my quest to find healthier ways to live that are both cheap and fairly easy to do, finding a decent hardworking deodorant was high on my list, especially after knowing how very dangerous regular store-bought deodorants are. Yes, even Tom's of Maine. Click HERE and HERE. to learn more about the ingredients in YOUR deodorant and antiperspirant.

So, anyways, my friend Aimee suggested I try using lemons for deodorant.

The theory behind why it would work: sweat itself doesn't stink. Did you know that? It's the bacteria that grows in the sweat, in your armpit, that causes that funky smell. Since lemons are antibacterial, they kill the bacteria, therefore killing the odor.

At first, I wasn't wanting to hear it. I mean, seriously, since when did rubbing a citrus fruit on your body count as personal hygeine, am I right? But the more I thought about it, I realized that maybe she was on to something. She didn't stink. She smelled pretty good, in fact. (xoxo, Aimee!!)

So after a horribly failed experiment at using Primal Pit Paste, I decided to give lemons a go.

I use lemons for so much already anyway and I knew how much power they held. They are great for a facial mask and for clearing up nasty infections. They are antibacterial. Antiviral. Antimicrobial. Antifungal. But would they be strong enough to handle the strength I expected from a deodorant? I mean, I can be pretty picky. And I live in Atlanta. Also known as Hot-lanta for good reason. And I'm chasing around 4 kids and 2 dogs all day. My deodorant needs to have mad skills, yo. ::wink::

So last week, I gave it a whirl. Aimee told me that I just needed to rub a small slice of lemon onto my pits. I did that and got a lot of pulp stuck to me. I prefer my deodorant to be pulp-free, ::winking at you, Aimee!!:: So everyday I cut a small slice out of my lemon and I squeeze about a nickle-sized pool of juice into my hand, rub it together and rub it thoroughly onto both pits. Then I toss the rest of the lemon into a bag and back into the fridge for later.

Now, a glaring disclaimer: Aimee made it clear to me to NOOOOT use it on days that I shave my pits. But I have dark hair and have to shave pretty much every day. And there was no way that I wanted to use regular deodorant on those days. So I just used lemon..even on days I shaved.


I Macaulay Culkin'd (Home Alone aftershave scene for those who are scratching their heads at that reference...) so loud that Aimee MAY have heard me in Ohio. But you know what? I liked it. Yep. I liked the pain. HA!! I laugh in the face of the burning searing pain of lemon particles attacking my delicate armpits. I'm just a rebel like that.

Plus, I *reaaaaaalllllly* am determined not to go back to regular deodorant.

And I hate smelling bad.

Surprisingly, it wasn't sticky like I thought it would be.

It dried pretty fast, too.

It didn't stain my clothes.


It did!!!

Like a freaking charm!!!

There was maybe one day when I had to reapply a bit in the steamy afternoon because I was really working it hard. But not once did it actually fail on me. I just wanted to be extra sure that I had adequate protection on.

And I have noticed that I am less stinky, like, even when I put it on in the morning, go about my day, go to bed, wake up and forget to put it on until, say 1 in the afternoon....I'm still odor-free!!!

This is AMAZING!! It's super cheap. It's super easy to use. It's all-natural (organic lemons are best!). I mean, I am so blown away with happiness at this experiment.

And I am now a lemon-for-deodorant kind of gal!!


What do you think of all this craziness? Would you be willing to try lemons or limes for deodorant?? Comment below or on my Facebook page!!


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