Shrinking Lymph Nodes Naturally

Hi, guys! Sorry I've been so quiet on here lately. I've been going through a heap of issues and just trying to wade through to the other side. But I think things are starting to slow down, so I wanted to come back with a new home remedy for you!

Last week, I began using a new deoderant: Primal Pit Paste.

It is an all-natural healthy deoderant.

It is pricey (almost $13 for a stick of deoderant) but I felt that if it worked, it was totally worth it. So I bought a stick of it for my 14 yr old and 11 yr old to share. And I figured that I could give it a whirl, too, and see if I wanted to order my own.

Well, it works great! But I (not my kids) began to experience what PPP's website described as "armpit detox", where the baking soda in it will draw out impurities, which can cause redness, swelling, itchiness, rash...even swollen lymph nodes.

I got all of the above...but only in my left armpit.

I'm not gonna lie: I have been having some severe anxiety issues lately and swollen lymph nodes in my armpit was NOT helping issues. All I could think was "CANCER!!!" even thought I was 99.9% sure that it was only the deoderant causing it. And was supposedly completely harmless. None of that eased my mind much. I wanted it gone (the swollen lymph node) and wanted it gone immediately.

Now here's a little info on lymph nodes: they are part of the immune system. I guess they filter the germs and kick out the "bad guys". But sometimes, such as during a detox, they can get flooded with germs and nasty crap...and it causes a bit of a traffic jam in the node. And it gets inflamed. Usually it will take care of itself and you don't need to worry. But Worry is my middle name and I wanted to kickstart the whole process.

I stopped using the deoderant (which I wonder if maybe I shouldn't have done, but I was freaking out, so I stopped). Then I began putting undiluted Tea Tree Oil on the bump. That both soothed it and eased almost all of the swelling within a day and a half. But the bump was still there.

So I did a 2 hour castor pack yesterday. I put mine on my armpit, right on the swollen lymph node. Castor oil pulls out impurities. Doing a castor pack can not only pull out impurities but will cause a sudden but temporary increase in T-Cell production (the soldier cells who kill germs)...and the numbers will keep increasing over the next 7 hours. It will go back to normal (the T-Cell production) in about 24 hours, I believe.
I used cold-pressed and cold-processed castor oil has a great article on how to do a castor pack, click HERE to read it.

Being the impatient turd that I am, I expected to feel IMMEDIATE results and for the lump to be gone immediately. Yeah. That didn't happen. But it did feel slightly smaller.

Some people on Facebook began suggesting that I begin massaging the lymph node to help it clear out sooner. What the hell, let's do that too! 

So I looked up how to do a proper lymph node massage for swollen lymph nodes in the armpit. I found this great video by can watch the video HERE.

I did the whole massage once...then did just the armpit one a few more times before bed last night.

And then again this morning.

I also rubbed on some castor oil before bed (no heating pad or cloth)...just rubbed it right on the bump.

If nothing, I'm thorough, you gotta give me that. And persistent. hahaha

When I woke up this morning, I had trouble even finding the bump!! It has shrunk dramatically!! I am so excited!! I can still feel it, but I really gotta feel around for it. It's almost completely gone. Yay!!

Now I can rest easy. The chickenpox are GONE. The shingles are GONE. The chiropractor is really making progress on my pain.

Life is good and we are truly blessed!!

**Be sure to Follow my blog for more natural/home remedies! With 4 kids, ya know I got a boatload of tips and tricks for ya! **


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