Pink Spotted Giraffe

It's a bird!

It's a plane!


It's a pink spotted Aussie giraffe!

Watch out! ;)

No, so seriously, we are experiencing Round 3 of chickenpox...

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Turns out that Aussie's super-mild case last month didn't afford him ANY immunity, so now he's officially come down with full-fledged itchy scratchy oh-please-go-away CHICKENPOX.


I think we are on Day 4 (of having spots).

I think.

For a couple of days, he was just acting kind-of sluggish.

Not much of an appetite.

A bit of a tummy ache.

And a headache.

A little coughing and sneezing.

Classic symptoms of chickenpox, none of which he had last month.

Last month he ONLY had a back full of pox and a few on his arm. They blistered up, scabbed over and went away a couple of weeks ago....but then....

We noticed some pox 2 days ago....they were already raised and almost blister-like.

Then, quickly, they began popping up all over his body.

Allllll over.

He's doing great, though.

A tough little man who is not afraid of a few pox.

And, unlike his little brother, he is letting me put calamine lotion all over them.

He lets out a big sigh of relief and then starts laughing hysterically when I tell him that he looks like a pink-spotted giraffe with all of his pink calamine spots.

I might have to go out and buy some red icing to make chickenpox pancakes again....

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Did you have chickenpox when you were little? Did you get them just once or more? What are you chickenpox memories? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook! xoxo


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