Lemon For Deodorant: Day 1

Hola, everybody!

So I am back with a new home "remedy", of sorts.

Body odor.

Yeah, nobody likes that.

But did you know that your regular antiperspirants and deodorants are poisoning you?

Most contain aluminum, which keeps you from sweating. Now, that's problematic on 2 fronts. See, your body NEEDS to sweat. It was designed to. It's one of the main ways your body eliminates harmful toxins and whatnot from your body. Keeping it locked inside your body is just inviting trouble! Over time, those toxins and nasty crap that should have been sent packing via sweat droplets build up, causing numerous health issues. Cancer included. The second reason almuminum is bad is because it mimics estrogen when it is applied near breast tissue. Estrogen has been known to promote the growth of cancer! (Read more about it here at Cancer.gov) Yeah, so let's think about that for a minute....it promotes cancer growth when applied near breast tissue.....which is where you put it every. single. day. Most deodorants and antiperspirants also contain parabens which are also linked to breast cancer. Sigh. It's just not good.

So what's a stinky sweaty gal or guy to do?

Well, I read numerous rave reviews about some all-natural mostly-organic (is "mostly organic" kind of like "almost a bullseye"? Close but still not on target?)...anyway, everyone loves it. I wanted to love it, too! So I bought a tube for my kids...it's pricey...around $12 on Amazon, so I wasn't wanting to go crazy and buy enough for the whole house just yet. But the stick is supposed to last a long time, so it' worth the investment (?). I decided that I would use theirs and see how I liked it. It worked GREAT for them...but my left armpit hated it. You can read all about my experience HERE.

So I needed to find another natural deodorant...one that might be more gentle on my system. For the past week, I've been using straight-up tea tree oil. I'd put some on a cotton ball and dab it all over my armpit. That worked so-so. For a stretch of maybe a couple of hours. You shoulda caught a whiff of me yesterday when I got home from running errands.... YIKES!

So a girlfriend of mine suggested using lemon or lime juice, which is what she uses with great success. Today I have decided to give it a try.


First, make sure you have clean pits. I just washed mine with coconut oil and water.

Then, take a regular ol' lemon or lime, organic if possible. Cut a small slice out of it.

Squeeze about a nickle-sized amount of juice in the palm of your hands, rub it together on both hands, then rub them on your armpits, covering them with the lemon/lime juice.

That's it.

So now I'm just waiting to see how it works. The Atlanta heat and humidity should certainly put it to the test. ::wink::

I'll keep ya'll updated!

Do you use a natural deodorant or maybe even citrus on YOUR pits? Lemme know how it's working for you in the comments below or on Facebook!


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