Friday's Fluff!

Fluff.....(noun): a crunchy term for cloth diapers

This week I want to talk about how I store my dirty cloth diapers, inserts and wipes.

There are a few different ways that you can store this stuff, such as hanging wet bags that zip, diaper pails (though wet pails, which is the old-fashioned way to store dirty fluff, in a pail of wet water until Wash Day, is rarely used anymore, since dirty diapers no longer need to be stored in water), trash cans with wet bags as liner....the list goes on as far as the imagination does!

I used to have a regular ol' diaper pail with a liftable lid that I'd line with a wet bag. But my dog literally ate it. Lab pups are great, by the way. hahaha

This time around I decided to go a cheaper route. I didn't really like my old diaper pail anyway, because I felt that it didn't contain the odors very well. I tried using a small laundry-type basket from a cheapo discount store...but that proved way too small and didn't keep odors at bay AT ALL. So I had my husband pick me up a good old bucket from Home Depot. I lined it with one of my Planet Wise diaper pail wet bags. (What's a wet bag, you ask? A wet bag is a bag that is lined with a waterproof material, so that you can store wet diapers in it without fear of it leaking.)

Turns out the lid is great at holding in odors! Yay!

I keep it next to the toilet so that I can just toss the wipes in when I go to dump the diaper. I try to pull out the inserts first (before dumping it) and toss them in the bucket. I dump the diaper in the toilet, swishing it around, if necessary. Then toss the diaper in the bucket and put the lid back on it.

Every couple of days, I just pull the bag out of the bucket, take it to the laundry room and empty the bag into the washer, toss in the bag and wash it all together.

Easy Peasy.

I'm curious as to what other creative ways people find to store their dirty cloth diapers.... Let me know in the comments below (or on FB!) how you store yours!


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