Fever Fears

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I've never been one to worry about fevers.


I understand that they play an essential part in helping to kill germs.

Part of the healing process.

But damn that Dr. Google.

He's full of scary tales from around the world, waiting to frighten the pants off of unsuspecting and over-stressed mothers, who are just trying to figure out how to navigate typical childhood illnesses.

Like chickenpox.

It used to be a normal household childhood disease.

Rarely dangerous.

But the internet would like you to think that danger is lurking around every corner.

That every fever is to be feared and warrants a trip to the hospital.

Okay, so not every fever, but fevers over 102.

But my boys tend to run high fevers whenever they get sick and are rarely phased by it.

I'm talking sometimes 104-degrees.

And they are still playing.

So why do these fevers of 102-103 have me panicking?

Terms like "encephalitis" keep prowling around in my head.

Even though it's an extremely rare side effect, it still has me afraid.

I have decided that to save my sanity during the duration of this illness, I will give him Motrin when his fever exceeds 101. Nip it in the bud before it gets too high.

No, I am not one to regularly medicate my kiddos. I hate it. But sometimes I just need to make a choice. Should I sit and worry and freak out? Which worries him. Or just for the duration of the chickenpox, just give him a little bit of medicine and let us both relax.

I choose my sanity.

How many of you have dealt with chickenpox in your house with your little ones? Comment below or on Facebook! Have a beautiful weekend!


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