The Great ATL

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After around 12 years of living in Atlanta (okay, so we moved back North for about 3 years...but still..), I am disappointed on how little we really don't take advantage of living in this amazing city.

We hardly go anywhere.

We've been to 

Mall of Georgia
(actually, we've been to most of the malls around Atlanta...we're big window shoppers and food court eaters LOL)

The Aquarium

Olympic Park
(But it was so freaking hot that it was hardly an enjoyable experience)

Zoo Atlanta

Buford Hwy
(really just driving around, not really checking anything out)


The Dekalb Farmers Market

But that's really it.

But the thing is, I'm a sucker for the Travel Channel.

Shows like Man Vs. Food & The Layover with Anthony Bourdain.

And they both featured hot places to go to around Atlanta.

And I haven't been to ONE of the places.

And that makes me feel kinda lame.

What happened to the adventurous girl who loved going to new places and having fun??

I'll tell you what happened to her: she traded that life in for one filled with diaper changing and homeschooling. For potty training and breastfeeding.

But I still realllllly want to check some of these places out....

Maybe that will be my new goal: to try out more amazing local places.

Step out of my comfort zone and explore the world outside just outside my door....

Are you a city explorer? Or do you prefer to just stay in your comfort zone? Or maybe exploring is your comfort zone??


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