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Disposable diapers SUCK.

But they are convenient.

Other than that, they suck.

I cloth diapered Austin for a long time.

But after he potty trained, I just used disposables on Levi.

I don't remember why, exactly, but I know that it was difficult keeping up with washing the diapers after my dryer broke and chasing around a toddler while caring for a newborn. But why I never went back to cloth after I got a new dryer is beyond me.

But when Levi came down with chickenpox (to read my last post about that, click HERE), I knew that the disposables were going to be a problem. They were rubbing against the pox on his belly and back.

The inside was scratchy and hurt his private areas.

Considering that his ENTIRE diaper area was covered in pox, it's completely understandable why he didn't want that itchy papery crap rubbing all over him, irritating the pox night and day.

So last night, I dug out my stash of cloth diapers.

At first he was apprehensive to wearing one.

But I let him pick a cute print (he picked Ninjas) and put it on him.

He literally sighed with relief.

"Mama, it feels good! No hurt!"

See, the inside of the cloth diapers are a silky flannel-type material.

No rough scratchy edges.

No clumpy itchy papery interior.

This morning, he picked out the monkey-print diaper.

Oh, so cuuuuute!!!

I was checking out the cloth diaper webstore where I bought the cute print diapers a few years ago. I was sad that they discontinued the soccerball themed diapers. I had loved those ones so much, but couldn't afford them at the time.

But I put a few new diapers in my online shopping I just need to talk Antonio into letting me buy just a few more...I think I'd like to try cloth diapering full time again... It sure made potty training a lot easier with Austin. And they make great swim diapers, too! ;-)

To read what happens next in our chickenpox adventure, click HERE.

(UPDATE: I've had a lot of people asking me where I got these cute diapers from. It's a company called Just Simply Baby and their website is HERE. They are the most affordable...and softest!...pocket diapers I've found! They have a layaway program and a great return policy...even on USED diapers! Right now they are having a sale! 20% off your entire order until 4/26/15 when you use coupon code 20OFF)

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