Chickenpox...Round 2

(Click HERE to see what Round 1 was like)

It started last night with a slightly cranky Levi.

A slightly cranky Levi who didn't want to eat dinner with us.

That was all I needed to do a thorough body check.

And I found 2 little pink bumps.

He's all wet from his bath. This is on his belly.

Within a few hours, he was up to almost 10 bumps on various parts of his body.

A little one on the back of his neck.

I gave him a large glass of fresh squeezed lemonade to help give his body a rush of antibacterial and antiviral properties.

I was nervous to go to sleep, slightly afraid of what I would find come morning.

After all, Austin's were so incredibly mild that it seems virtually impossible that we will be that lucky again.

But he only had a few more bumps this morning. On his tummy and chest.

He's not really itching them and his energy level seems to be back up.

He doesn't appear to be nauseous or achy.

And his appetite has reappeared.

I'm just taking this moment-by-moment to see where it takes us.

On his little thigh

Right now, he is playing in the bathtub with Austin. I put a few drops of tea tree oil in the water. Tea tree oil is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, so it will help keep their pox from becoming infected, even though they aren't really itching them. It also helps to relieve inflammation.

Hopefully he will get through this as easily as Austin did.

And on that note, Austin is doing great! His pox on his back and arm are almost all the way dried up. He has a few on his leg that will hopefully be scabbed over or dried up soon!

Prayers, positive thoughts and well wishes for my little guys are greatly appreciated!

(Read more about this chickenpox adventure HERE)


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