Adios, Chickenpox

I am so excited to announce that Levi's chickenpox are almost completely healed!

(to read my last post about our chickenpox adventure, click HERE)

They're all pretty much scabbed over and most of those are even quickly fading away.

I won't lie, I had some moments where I completely freaked out.

And that's embarrassing to admit,'s chickenpox, dude.

We all had them.

Heck, my brother Matt had them twice.

Everyone that I know survived them with, at the very worst, maybe a few scars.

But we survived.

I wondered many times, why was I scared?

Was my mom scared when my brother and I had them?
She tells me that she felt horrible for me...but she's never said that she was scared.

I think it was so scary for me because I was alone in it.

None of my friends' kids have ever had them.

The doctors tried to scare me.

And we all know what Dr. Google says, seeing as how optimistic he always is. ha!

I was telling my FB friend, Anna, how my scariest morning was when I stumbled across a story about a 3 yr old who died from the chickenpox. The only telltale sign that something wasn't right with the little girl was that she was so sleepy and only wanted to nap and watch tv.

That made me start thinking: Levi is 3. Since he's been sick, he has only really wanted to watch tv.... Then I looked over at him and there he was, 11 am, sprawled out on the couch, sound asleep and snoring. That was all it took. I freaked out!

I called my husband, sobbing.

He reminded me how Levi had been up all night the night before, itching non-stop. He was bound to be tired the next day after a night like that. I had to talk myself down. Being sleepy is a main symptom of chickenpox. Not something to worry about.

So I rationalized it all and made myself relax.

And you know what? He was fine. Absolutely fine.

A little sleepy...and a lot itchy...and not much appetite for a few days...but he's pretty much completely back to normal now. His appetite has actually doubled, like he's making up for lost time.

Oh, and back on Saturday, I made the kids a fun breakfast:

Chickenpox Pancakes

They were a HUGE hit!

Weren't they CUTE?!

Turns out, there's more to our chickenpox what happened next HERE.


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